I'm now fully using Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 5

  • I'm very impressed so far. I find it's less annoying than the LineageOS-13 phone I was using, which had too many bells and whistles for me. This phone is more down to earth.

    Granted, Facebook gave me a hard time when I logged in using the Morph Browser. Facebook assumed I was an intruder. However, once I verified who I was, things worked out well (I don't usually use my phone for web browsing anyway -- I prefer my desktop.)

    The phone works well, and I like the calendar and the ToDo app (Ütudu 2). Again, I'm quite impressed so far.

  • @MarkG_108 For facebook try Sailbook in the OpenStore

  • @Lakotaubp Or Pesbuk 😛

  • @kugiigi Or indeed Pesbuk 🙂

  • I bought my Nexus 5 brand new from Ebay for $147 CAD and have been using Ubuntu Touch for about a week now. Loving it so far. Calling and texting have worked just fine. I have had to find alternatives for soem apps and use the web version for others but it has been an enjoyable experience. My only shock so far is the Nexus 5 only has a 2300 mah battery and i'm used to 3500-4000 so it dies far quicker than what I am used to. I still get pretty much a full day use out of it. I'm just not used to seeing a bettery get ito sub 30% by the time I get home. Hoping to preorder a Braveheart Edition Pinephone soon for the removable battery.

  • @PublicLewdness This matches my experience as a daily driver, except I finish the day with > 50% battery. Probably a different mix of background tasks.

  • I'm a UT user with Nexus 5 as well since 11 days. Also very happy with it. Almost every thing works smoothy, exept videos taken with the camera that I'm unable to play as well as some difficulties with bluetooth. UT is a great Linuxphone OS and will I'm sure continue to improve from this great community.

  • @stanwood said in I'm now fully using Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 5:

    videos taken with the camera that I'm unable to play

    It works with UTmedia. Try to dowload it from the Openstore. I have tried 3-4 media players and this was the only one to work.

  • @chrisse Thank you for your advice. I got UT Media, but video files can't be opened (most of the time). When I select the video to play, screen returns to "Select file and nothing's happening. If I click again on "select file" nothing's happening.... It has worked only once... Thank you.

  • So, I think I have fix that issue! According to a user advice: 1) Open UTmedia 2) Tap and hold "Select file" till a popup shows "select all / close" 3) click on "close". 4) Click "select file" again 5) Browse on "files" and select the required video to play 6) Video is sucessfully loaded in UTmedia and can be played! 🙂 Hope this tip will help other users...

  • @stanwood Great! I was wondering if UTPlayer it's brocken since I coudn't mange to play a video with it. How does your camera works?

  • @C0n57an71n Well, as describe above, follow carrefully the 6 steps to play videos on UTmedia with your Nexus 5. I haven't experienced other issues with UTmedia. Nexus 5 camera (photos + video) is working, but when switching from photo to video mode, image do freeze... To fix it: slide your screen from the right to the left and select it again, than video image appears normally.