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  • I installed the UBports Docs app. I now realize it's a web app, and thus it works when I'm in touch with Wi-Fi (I don't have data on my phone), but otherwise won't work for me. So, I would like to see a version of the app with downloadable files, so I could peruse the help files wherever I choose.

  • Here's the Documentation Online

    In the lower left hand corner on my browser there is a button you can press, "Read the Docs". You could then for example select "PDF" and it will open a downloadable PDF. So, on my computer I could download the PDF, then drag and drop the file onto the Documents folder on my device, then open the PDF in a PDF reader app on the device (you'll need to download one in the OpenStore)

  • Thanks. Okay, I've downloaded docsubportscom.pdf onto my phone (in the Documents folder). How do I read it? When I select it with the File Manager, I'm given the choice of "OpenStore" and "Dekko 2", neither of which strike me as programs for reading pdf documents.

  • Go to OpenStore and find a PDF viewer app, like PDFjsViewer and download that to view the PDFs

  • Thanks. PDFjsViewer works well.

  • I also tried downloading the html file from the site you gave, @mirroronthewall. But, when using the file manager to open it, the manager did not give the web browser the opportunity to open it. It's a shame the file manager doesn't have the option to choose which app a user would like to open a document with.

  • @MarkG_108 The feature is available, but each app is responsible to declare and to handle how the files can be openned.
    So I think MorphBrowser in this case doesn't tell the system that he can read HTM/HTML/... files.
    I don't know if there is an issue open for that but if you want it, you can check existing issues for MorphBrowser and if this one doesn't exist open a new one.

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