On this (US) Thanksgiving...

  • I'm thankful to the UBports community for all the great work already accomplished.
    My first contact with the community was with @AlainW94, @Flohack and @dobey .

    They all helped with a development issue and explained why I couldn't do what I wanted, now I try to help whenever I can and to contribute to repay the community.

    Thanks UBPorts !

  • All you guys that have posted so far, and the people you mention, have directly helped me at one time or another with problems large and small. I am ever so grateful, thank you.

    And a big warm thank you to UBports and the wider community in general. Ubuntu touch is truly a special OS and that must be down to the people that make it happen.🙂

    Every day is a UT day and here's to the next 365 of 'em. Cheers!😃

  • I would like to thank this community of dedicated and passionate people for continuing this project and making it shine. I am thankful for having had the opportunity to speak to some members one on one, and even having met a few in person.

    To those who watch over the long term goals of the project, those who contribute their time in all the various ways. You all know who you are. As the Dutch say: My gratitude is great.

  • If I ping everyone I would like to thank here, I would have been considered an spambot, so I'l try to keep the list short and general.

    @mimecar's course is the reason I started coding. I had no idea before and I thought I would have never been able to do anything minimally useful. Thanks Miquel.

    @bhdouglass is the person that had the patience to explain basic things to me and the reason I got to understand a bit more coding and cornerstone that let me do incredible stuff (for me more than for others)

    @mateo_salta is the crazy experimental person that taught me how to tinker and look into the guts of things.

    @costales is the person that taught me to be passionate about bug reports, community meetings, and bagpipes 🙂

    From here I should go general: UBports core team, Catalan team, Creators Team, TELEports team, Corea apps team and our community: THANK YOU!

  • It's my turn to thanks this community, especially @Flohack @dobey @Lakotaubp @advocatux @Stefano @hummlbach for their help on my different thread.

    Thanks to all for keeping ubuntu-touch alive as it is now since 5 years my only operating system on phone.

    Thanks to all I forget to mention for their helps and may the force be with us to continue in this best world way.

    And thanks @AppLee for the mention 😉

  • Thanks @UniSuperBox you have grown into an important role for the users, the foundation guys, for all of us. You are keeping an eye on things that others tend to overlook (esp. in Infra ^^), you are the best host we can have for the Q&As, and you do all this from out of another timezone, which for me would be th hardest part.

    Thanks @NeoTheThird for the big product increment in the installer this year. From a quickly assembled thingie with lots of complicated stuff this has grown into a usable product which all other communities do not have, not with the features and also not with the slickness.

    Thanks @mariogrip for hacking into the weirdest C++ hell in Unity 8 and Mir, I think no one else would be brave enough to do this, and then in the same time have "just little chats" with @alan_g as they sound like you would talk about gardening or the weather. With you digging all those mud piles we have the biggest possible product increment for the UX and UI that a small team like us could have. Not to say you are driving also the !Android phones (Not-Android lol) stuff, down to Rpi...

    Thanks @dobey for being kinda 24/7 community manager, even if you sound like a club bouncer sometimes 🙂 Your input is most valuable for us, for the users and for all new devs. It is impossible to drive this project without a few insiders, and you are currently the most active of them. I hope we can give back some day for what you have invested in time, answering our dumbest questions and rectifiying our bogus ideas about architecture.

    Thanks @DanChapman for bootstrapping TELEports in such a nice way that we could build the probably most complex native App for UT out there in a few man months - besides your own Dekko 2 of course! And although I know, you probably wont read this anymore, I wanna say thank you. You have departed the project this year, for reasons we dont know and we would have hoped for a long time that it is not forever. While this hope is fading we all would be grateful to hearing from you again in the future.

    Thanks @Krille @TimSueberkrueb @hummlbach jonny and all the others from the German group! You are self-organizing hackathons, you try to invest time and motivation into whatever product needs love most at a time. While we know that Germany has a big UT userbase, it is not common expectation and you do an outstanding job.

    And finally: Thanks to all users! We would be nothing without you. Patiently waiting until things are fixed, and some bugs take years to proceed. Constantly trying to motivate us to go over the limit, to keep UT alive and useful. Giving us a reason of existence for this project. I remember when we started with way below 100 people in the first Telegram group, and how it filled up to 200 only days after Canonical sunk the ship. And when we got so much excited to see that there are enough people there that wont let it sink too much 😉

    2019 was a terrific year for UT. But I am really excited about what will come in 2020. Next year we will write history.

  • Okay now i have to chime in too...

    First thanks @Flohack for the moving words about Dan!

    Thanks to @twinkybot for the idea and hosting the first gettogether, which finally got me into the project.

    Thanks to @TimSueberkrueb for answering all my newbie QML questions and thanks to @stefwe for solving a bunch of issues in Dekko (also beside the hackathons) - you're the reason, I don't feel lonely in Dekko anymore. 😉

    Finally thanks to the hand full(?) of people who decided to take over the project in 2017. Without your brave decision, UT and this great community probably would not live (anymore) and that would be very sad!

    And a very last one: thanks to all the work ongoing in the welcome and install group - you're continously helping around short comings in software, devs weren't able to iron out yet. Its well known: there are no technical solutions for social problems, but you prove the other way round is possible.

  • In addition to all of the above, I'm also thankful to @PINE64 for giving us some new and exciting non-Android hardware.

    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

  • Thanks for the mention @trainailleur 🙂

    In turn we'd like to thank all of you for making our dream possible.

  • He has been mentioned, but many, many, many ... thanks to @bhdouglass master of OpenStore!!! What would we be without our OpenStore? Great work done there - and certainly a lot of time spend.

    Many thanks to everyone working on clickable - I know for sure @bhdouglass and @jonius - who provide a magical and crucial tool for us to create apps.

    Thanks @bhdouglass for asking me to maintain weather app. With your advice and a lot of starting help by @jonius , design guidance from some weeeee helper @CiberSheep I am happy to be able to contribute.

    Also many thanks to all translators like @Anne017 for hours of translating, so others with less knowledge of the English language can enjoy Ubuntu Touch.

    And thanks to everyone else here making up a nice community!

    Edit: I forgot to mention two important contributors: @Krille and @nanu-c . With a lot of time and love they provide apps for matrix and signal. Significant add ons next to Teleports. So man thanks to you too!

  • Even if I have two days late (sorry, I didn't know the American thanksgiving day 😉), I think that BALCY with his huge work on morph-browser also specifically deserves a big thank you because without his work, the phones would only have rather limited functions... !!

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