Have I bricked my phone ?

  • Hello guys, I apologize in advance since I actually don't know if this is UT related but I'm out of ideas. I own a FP2 and navigated between a couple of open-source OS, UT being one of them. Now for some reason the loudspeaker doesn't work, on any OS at all. I thought this had to be a hardware issue and contacted support but it seems their guarantee is voided since I installed UT. This bug happened some time after I altered the swap partition. I don't see how changing software configuration could create problems that last over several wipes and factory resets but now I wonder : is it actually possible that I broke the sound module doing some command line fiddling ?? I understand this question is far better suited for the Fairphone forum but I guess you might know this answer to that simple question: is that possible ? and how ? Thank you.

  • Assuming you have TWRP installed (and assuming you have a backup of your important files), then try the following to clear up your phone and prepare it for a good reinstall of your OS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-7neHzSIvc

  • Also, can you rule out if you did anything that might have physically broken the hardware?

    I searched online for "fairphone sound not working" and some forum posts came up so maybe some other people have run in to the same issue? For instance: https://forum.fairphone.com/t/sound-not-working-at-all/18368

  • @mirroronthewall yes I checked numerous links related to similar problems. Sometimes it's the module, sometimes the plastic casing is worn out and you need to stick a piece of tape underneath the module so it connects properly... Doesn't seem to work for me. I can definitely rule out physical damage. The phone is brand new (actually just refurbished) and since I mostly fiddled with ROMs it mainly sat on my desk the all time.

  • @MarkG_108 I wiped the cache, system, and data partitions more times that I can count on this phone, most noticeably trying to fix this issue. I have had twrp as recovery, among others. Maybe I did create persistent errors in the filesystem but I'm pretty sure I haven't seen nothing like the error there's in your video. At some point I used twrp to wipe everything, including the Dalvik / ART cache, and possibly firmware (which since has been reflashed, obviously)... Dunno if it matters. I ordered a new module and will try this video if that doesn't solve it. Thanks

  • @Emphrath, I don't know if it would help your situation, but it did help with a situation I had.

    I had a problem with a LineageOS install on my phone recently. The problem was that MTP would not work no matter what I tried (frustrating, because I had a contacts.vcf file I wanted to upload and import to my contacts app). My phone did not show the errors that the video showed, and I had wiped everything prior to the install. However, the MTP still did not work. But, after doing what the video suggested, which is to repair the Data partition, then format it as exFAT, then format it as EXT4 (and then do these same steps with the System partition), and then install my OS, worked for me. MTP worked fine after that.

  • @MarkG_108 well that's promising ! I'll try that out

  • @Emphrath I cleaned the contacts with alcohol and everything works again. Topic closed.

  • @Emphrath You could add solved to the title if you feel like it. Just click the three little dots to the right.

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