Xiaomi Redmi 4X (santoni)

  • @keep37 it is possible to use the TWRP recovery, or just the ubport recovery?

  • @aceclan I haven't tried the ubport recovery yet. The TWRP recovery works

  • Thank You @keep37 and also thanks to @Danct12
    It is ok , the ADB works in TWRP, but I have problems with hallium-install dependency's and this doesn't work for me:

    path/to/halium-install -p ut path/to/rootfs.tar.gz path/to/system.img
    doesn't work for me.

    (using manjaro linux)

    Do You know other way to install thees two files?

    • extract the rootfs and Install the system.img from TWRP gui?

    • manual install using adb shell ?
      (extract steps from hallium install 😞 )


  • I've succeeded.... 🙂

  • @aceclan If you get an error, next time please post the output of halium-install.

    But in the future, I'll try to make it so that you don't have to depend on a bash script to install, but rather using the official UBports installer.

    Or if you don't want that, I'll try to make it into a TWRP recovery zip. Of course, this installation method is not supported by the UBports dev team, but rather me.

  • @linuxadopter Not so much people reported issues, but so far I think the port could be usable for now.

    Aside from loudspeaker mode in calls doesn't route to the speaker properly and a few apparmor issues.

  • Dual Boot -> Sysadmin approach :)

    I am using right now dual boot stock fw / ubport - switching boot from TWRP.
    I write down thees steps to my self to remember and for everyone ho would like to try...
    Using stock because is good... (dm-verity, rooted , ad-aware .... ) , I could not find any rom with scheduled Power On/Off feature. Needed a solution without wipe. As I understand won't mix the stuff because rootfs.img and system.img is used on ubuntu touch so it will be separated.

    So try ubuntu for freedom:

    Having already an unlocked Redmi4x, with working StockRom, rooted, dm-verity, and TWRP installed.
    • Boot to TWRP recovery, Backup ALL stuff including DATA.

    • Copy TWRP folder outside from the phone , ex. to Your desktop.

    • Format Data, to remove encryption, otherwise ubport installer won't work.

    • Copy back the TWRP folder backups to phone and restore stock rom.

    • Fingerprint and unlock won't work so need these steps in recovery mode:

      Mount Data, System, and Delete from '/data/system' folder: files with .key extension and files with 'locksettings' keyword. Reboot to system. Everything should be fine , setup up again a security pattern. Fingerprints works after that.

    • Reboot to recovery and Backup stock Boot partition.

    • Backup to fasboot , flash halium-boot.img.

    • Reboot to Recovery, so ADB recovery is active , flash from Your Desktop:

      path/to/halium-install -p ut path/to/rootfs.tar.gz path/to/system.img
    • Backup Hallium boot partition.

    Now You can switch any time , just restore Boot partition. Enjoy 🙂 .


  • @aceclan can u explain detail how to flash system.img from twrp?

  • @4htet , if You read again the steps I wrote:

    • Reboot to Recovery, so ADB recovery is active , flash from Your Desktop:

    path/to/halium-install -p ut path/to/rootfs.tar.gz path/to/system.img


    When You are in recovery mode and connect the USB cable, the ADB recovery mode is active. (I suppose You already have android SDK, ADB , fastboot tools...)
    To check use command:
    adb devices
    in fastboot :
    fastboot devices

    so in this step won't flash from TWRP GUI, just use TWRP for adb, and reboot.

    How to flash, was specified already by @Danct12 , read here:

    the basic is ->
    path/to/halium-install -p ut path/to/rootfs.tar.gz path/to/system.img,

    Best regards,

  • @aceclan Thanks for your reply. I followed your instructions. Now , when the terminal tell me to set password, this message is showing continuously. "chroot: failed to run command 'passwd' : Exec format error failed, please try again"

    Edit: Now I know that I cant chroot into rootfs on my redmi4x which means qemu-user-static is not working on my Ubuntu 19.04. Still can`t find the fix for that.

  • Hey, I'm having some problems getting my 4X to boot into UT. I'm on Ubuntu 18.04 and downloaded latest System and Boot image from the Github. I also unlocked my bootloader and flashed newest TWRP. After that, I flashed Halium-Boot through fastboot. After booting back to TWRP( to get ADB to work) I started normally flashing with halium-install.
    Everything seems to be fine. It asked me for password and flashed system and rootfs to /data. After that while trying to boot the OS, it just locks up on Mi Logo and on dmesg -w I see:
    Screenshot from 2020-03-09 19-57-47.png
    Here's the last message from Halium-Install:
    Screenshot from 2020-03-09 19-59-03.png
    I really don't know what's the problem here. I tried reformatting /data, /system, /cache etc. and same results, I also tried installing LineageOS 16 (Official) and install ut on top of that but still the same thing.
    Any help is appriciated!

  • @BlackOtton Well you are in emergency telnet mode, maybe you should use telnet to connect to the shown IP and see what dmesg says there ^^

  • @4htet Make sure qemu-user-binfmt is installed on your host.

  • @BlackOtton Is your data partition f2fs? If it is then change it back to ext4.

  • @Danct12 Now booting on Ubuntu. Thx for ur help.

  • @Danct12 Thanks, reformatting /data to ext4 finally worked.

  • @4htet , I also had many problems with halium-install, I've spent a lot of time to figuring out , using manjaro linux ...

    I've installed the : qemu-arm-static , binfmt-qemu-static, simg2img from simg-tools package

    and changed a line in function setup_passwd() ,from "halium-install/functions/distributions.sh"

       do_until_success sudo chroot "$ROOTFS_DIR" passwd $user
       sudo chroot "$ROOTFS_DIR" passwd $user

    on the halium install script are described the dependencies:

    Halium installer script
    Copyright (C) 2017 JBBgameich
    Copyright (C) 2017 TheWiseNerd

    License: GPLv3

    dependencies: qemu binfmt-support qemu-user-static e2fsprogs sudo simg2img

    best regards,

  • Hello @Danct12 ,

    Flashing again Your last build, Mon 09 MAR, without any wipe -> all my settings were kept, this is normal? This is a feature? ... because of user data is stored in santoni:/data/user-data/phablet ?

    Another problem network interface from computer disappearing during the UB boot.
    Appearing for a short time then disappear. 😞

  • @aceclan
    Resolved, flashed the anterior.

  • @aceclan Your home directory should stay intact, I flashed my nexus 5 on legacy build with halium 7.1 build and everything worked fine.

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