A community compiled list of apps that work in Libertine

  • Sorry for the long title. I had seen that there was someone asking if Discord could work under UT. So with that, I was wondering if anyone got any desktop apps running in UT through Libertine. I know people are saying that Libertine is a pipe dream. But I truely think it would be very beneficial for exisiting users and enticing new users and developers.

  • I think with a keyboard and mouse Libertine is fine, but that's also the trouble, without a keyboard and mouse most applications are unusable in Libertine. In my limited experience at least.

    What does work fine is command line tools installed in a container.

  • @Giiba
    Not in the spirit of the very good idea of the title (thank you @Ultimoore), but, it would be nice to move past Libertine and be able to just download apps. I believe there's ongoing discussion about the best way to do that... snap, appimage, click, etc...

  • hi @Ultimoore, I think such a list would need to be device dependent.

  • I have succeed to make adaptive style transfer work in libertine container. I mean only the style transfer part, not the learning part (which I haven't tried, maybe that can work too).

    There was one caveat though. It consumed too much memory and crashed/restarted unity on my FP2, when ran from terminal on the phone, so it couldn't finish. But if runned through ssh connection, the unity crash/restart did not affect the process, so it succeed. 😃

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