Has anyone installed Lomiri?

  • Now that the name had changed, its interesting to know how far this Lomiri had gone. Has anyone installed Lomiri?

  • @chdslv
    afaik it's not ready to install just yet... They're working on getting it ready.

    I too am very interested to see how this pans out... My hope is for a lightweight distro that I can install desktop apps on.

  • @sunweaver@fosstodon.org said on Mastodon:

    I guess #Lomiri won't be so lightweight. It's a phone operating UI, so stuffed with graphical effects. It will be possible to run native #Wayland applications and #X11 applications via Xwayland or Xmir. There will be a set of native apps (telephone, browser, etc.) that will run in a special sandboxed setup (#libertine).

    I am in fact quite curious, what hurdles (in terms of Ubuntu'isms) we will stumble over... I hope to have everything in #Debian for the #bullseye Debian release.

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