Ubuntu Touch Q&A Saturday 4th Of April At 19:00 UTC

  • Do you know anything about Astro Slide project from Planets Computers?
    what do you think? are you already in contact with them?

  • We all hope that Ubuntu Touch will continue its success and be much more widely used in the not-so-far future. With this comes the risk of becoming a relevant target for whomever wants to spread malicious functionality to other people's smartphones. How are you guys approaching the security topic? How does Ubports make sure that nobody smuggles anything into the distributed binaries (I am referring to the OS and core apps here - not so much the app store). Do ideas like reproducible builds come up during your conversations on this?

    To avoid misunderstandings: I am a noob in the security domain and there is no critique whatsoever hidden in my question. It is just something which came to my mind when contemplating on the recent successes of the project (Ubports Foundation, Pinephone, Volla, ...).

  • Yesterday Marius shared some images of Lomiri desktop. How should developers interested in contributing to "desktop" get involved?

  • I know we currently don't use systemd. But do you guys have an opinion on using systemd-homed for the phone? Do you think it would add value to it and you it increase it security the way it can encrypt the home folder?

  • I just got Ubuntu Touch running on an old Nexus 7 (2013) tablet and the process was really smooth, so great work on that! I am trying to programmatically turn on and off the display. I realized it was not running X so tried looking at Mir and Unity8 documentation but it's not clear how I can do that, compared to xset dpms force on/off in X.

  • @adevhasnoname Can you please remember in future there is no need to post your question twice it will not get answered any quicker. As this is the q&a thread I'm not going to remove this one or the one in support this time.

  • @adevhasnoname

    Please remember that questions on porting to device **** or it's status, and questions on bugs will not be answered.

    Asking elsewhere was the way to go. Someone might have the answer.
    I'm interested to learn about it but think it might be hardware related... 🤔

  • Hi all! Thanks for your work I love ubtouch!

    I'm Dev and I want to start a truly native qml Twitter client. I've played with online accounts and service Twitter service don't work (infinite loading) for Facebook I can't finish the process because of not valid app.

    So my question is: should I use online account? Do you plan to support it in mid term? If so can I add services (LinkedIn, GitHub, Gitlab...) And how? Or it's better to Dev an internal app system with web engine?

    I love the idea behind https://github.com/ubports/buteo-sync-plugins-social how can I play with that? Or help to develop it if no plan to abandon it!?

    Have a good day/night.

  • @AppLee @Lakotaubp Sorry, I am not used to Discourse so I thought News was a special area not just another topic. I read the guidelines and didn't think this was a question about porting or bugs. It is a question about Mir/Unity8 and how can one interact with it if they are used to X server. Anyway thanks for the civil heads up!

  • Hey @manland,

    I think this question might go a little too deep into technical and not-completely-decided information to do it justice live. Could you post it in the App Development section of the forum? I should be able to point the relevant people to it over there.

    @adevhasnoname, don't worry! It's just one of those questions that's a little strange to answer on a live stream. I see your other post is getting some traction. I hope we can get it figured out!

  • @UniSuperBox makes sense! Thank you

  • Will you add a better launcher (i.e. Launcher Modular) or at least possibility to change it?

  • @UniSuperBox yes make sense, no problem! I repost in app dev.

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