Nexus 5 vs Nexus 5x

  • @rocket2nfinity Adding those things its not easy, currently next to impossible. As I said already, that code is deeply buried in the vendor binaries, we dont have any source code, and, because its not a standard communication with the modem, ti is also nowhere documented. That´s what you get with a closed ecosystem 🙂

  • @Flohack The plans of mice and men - according to the following article, T-Mobile has announced they will shut down their 2G and 3G network in 2021. So this VoLTE problem may be more critical.

  • @rocket2nfinity said in Nexus 5 vs Nexus 5x:

    The smaller carriers I haven't paid attention to. Some of them are likely to keep their networks as is for the foreseeable future. 5G is a big investment.

    Is it possible that some of the smaller carriers may maintain their systems as is, indefinitely, allowing use of the N5 on their networks, indefinitely?

    Also, an update on my UT adventures: Got another N5, installed UT with fewer hitches. Once it said "lost connection". I change USB ports, retried. It went to recovery mode on the phone and finished fine, restarted in UT fine. Previously with my first N5, I initiated recovery mode manually when connection was lost repeatedly. That completed the installation fine from there. It was a pleasure!

    I noticed on my second N5, the android desktop was a little different. I suppose due to different software versions.

  • @jjconstr Yes, very likely the smaller carriers and other carriers around the world will leave their gsm/cdma networks on. This is just a U.S. problem with competition between the big three (lets be serious, Dish isn't really going to be up and running for a long time on their own network).

  • @jjconstr Curious how your other service providers worked out or are you stuck with AT&T?

  • @rocket2nfinity I don't know how USA carriers do manage their network operators. In Switzerland situation is as followed:

    2G situation:

    GSM 900/1800: Being stopped (between 2020 and 2022)
    CSD: Being stopped
    HSCSD: Being stopped
    GPRS: Being stopped
    EDGE : Being stopped

    3G situation:

    UMTS: Upgrading to HSPA
    HSPA: Active
    HSPA+: Active

    Note: No shutdown nor coverage reduction is expected in the near future

    4G situation:

    LTE: Active
    LTE - Advanced: Active / deployment running

    5G situation:

    Deployment running. (3,5- 5GHZ).

    Note: Some GSM 1800 cells are being upgraded in 4G sites

    So 3G will continue for some years here. From my knowledge no device is banned from either network (3 operators).

  • I've been talking to a member on the Pinephone forum. Another candidate to replace the N5. He just confirmed that the Pinephone is running VoLTE out of the box and is already whitelisted on Verizon. He's running Debian+phosh not Ubuntu Touch, but maybe it will help in figuring out how to get it working under UT.

  • @rocket2nfinity
    Will activate a Nexus 5 on consumer cellular this morning. Phones that have been on ATT typically work with them. They also have a no charge policy if not satisfied. Signal with ATT right now is 2-4 bars depending on location or inside or outside house. I suspect ATT has done some improvement to their equipment. I wasn't expecting that much.

  • @jjconstr Consumer Cellular uses both AT&T & T-Mobile networks. Good choice to maximize your connectivity options.

    Here is a list of others that uses multiple networks:

  • @rocket2nfinity
    Still haven't activated on consumer cellular. Sim card they sent turned out to be wrong. waiting for a new one. Att is working well on my other N5. Sooo nice to be free of the interferances of Android! Thanks for freeing me!

    Update: Have activated on Consumer Cellular. It was equal to ATT's signal strength for a couple days. Then today, nothing worked but text. Tried calling, was on hold for 70 minutes before hanging There were negative reviews with bad signal and service. Maybe they were down.

  • @jjconstr put the new sim card in. No signal in house where the att sim card got service. even though Consumer Cellular uses Same towers, doesn't mean they have equipment in all the directions that ATT does. So far, ATT is the winner. Thank you guys for your input.

  • @jjconstr checked the N5 again that has the new Consumer Cellular sim card, Now it has signal, can't see a difference from the N5 with ATT sim card. It gives me a choice anyway. Consumer Cellular is a somewhat less money and ATT can be a pain. Maybe Ill compare in other locations before choosing. Thanks again.

  • @jjconstr Did you get the device unlocked? Does it register on T-Mobile's network as well as AT&T? You'll find that info in settings, cellular, APN. It should show APNs for either AT&T or T-Mobile depending on which network they put you on. I think they handle the other network with roaming but not sure. So I'm curious if you get both networks at the same time and better coverage than with just AT&T alone

  • @rocket2nfinity Sorry to say, when I checked Tmobile online, they said Nexus 5 was incompatible due to no VoLTE. I know of no one with TMoble here. This is a very low population area. I paid one service to send me an unlock code, but they never did. I'm not concerned about resale value because the phones are very inexpensive. Under carrier and apn, there were no carriers listed until I installed a live sim card. Then there was only the one carrier. I'll go ahead and check again on Tmobile online. Just to make sure. I could still use better service here at the house. FYI We tried a Verizon booster. It worked well for increasing the service, but the increased radiation made us sick.

  • @jjconstr Wow, that was fast. They weren't supposed to be stopping non-VoLTE devices on their Network until next year so I read. They are really moving on their network configuration changes!

  • @jjconstr Which unlock service did you use? Some of them take some time to send you the unlock code. All the ones in that article were vetted at the time.

  • @rocket2nfinity And we read that our leaders in washington passed a law to roll out 5G as fast as possible now were under stay at home orders.

  • @rocket2nfinity Im going to have to look that service up later. I have to get to bed. 15 to 4 here.

  • @rocket2nfinity
    rocket2nfinity 2 days ago

    @jjconstr Which unlock service did you use? Some of them take some time to send you the unlock code. All the ones in that article were vetted at the time.

    That unlock store was Reread their email. The system wasn't able to generate an unlock code automatically. So, they have to do it manually. Guess I was at fault for not getting the code. The last paragraph asked for more info on the phone and I didn't see that. Now the code should come.

  • Depends what you want out of the phone and if you're willing to wait, Ubuntu Touch on the Nexus 5x is very early days whereas on the Nexus 5 it's quite mature, as well as that Ubuntu Touch on the Nexus 5 is plenty fast enough for everything you could want to do and the camera is actually alright, plus the Nexus 5 can be had for bargin prices

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