Ubuntu Touch PinePhone Pre Order Now

  • Maximum respect to all of you guys making this amazing work! It's incredible!!!

    @PINE64 Are there any news when accessories such as flip cases and screen glass protectors will be available for PinePhone? Me and my wife plan to use PinePhones on daily basis as a replacement to our Nexus 5 phones, and this kind of accessories are very important for us.

  • @ezze
    I read that some guy managed to use a screen protector designed for iPhone.
    I'll update if I learn which model is compatible.
    You can DIY a flip case using the available soft or hard cases.

  • This is excellent news indeed.
    Congratulations and continuing gratitude to the developers for making this possible. Kudos.
    A truly excellent moment for UBports.

  • Already ordered it...

  • When will they be ready to ship?

  • @shapley Likewise. One for now, in case there are any variations.

  • @dieharddan The phones are expected to ship in late May, per the blog post.

  • @ezze
    Ok, I've got the information you're looking for.
    You can use glass protector made for the iPhone XS Max
    Here you can find how it fits : From reddit

  • Such an awesome and well deserve opportunity thanks to the fantastic job from the UBports community & specially to Marius.
    I am so happy for this achievement after all this loooong hard working time.
    Congratulations to all!
    Now it's time to support the foundation and also to buy the Pinephone in order to be prepared for the future, an unknown future for all of us regarding freedom and privacy.. sadly.

    Stay strong.

  • Thank you to all who made this possible! The devs, the testers and all who took time to report any bugs. You all should be proud of this achievement!

    (Oh, and I just placed an order for mine)

  • 👍 that's great news, ordered mine immediately

  • Does that mean the UT images will be daily-driver ready soon? I own a braveheart edition and a few weeks ago, it was still far from usable as a primary device. I guess the factory has to have the image to be flashed at least a week before shipping the phones so... That would mean one month and a half to have the image ready? That feels pretty short.

  • They don't claim it to be daily driver ready, just good enough for many uses.

    I guess with the camera sort of working, that was the needed milestone?


    The Ubuntu Touch image that will ship on the PinePhone will be highly functional, but not necessarily 'daily driver'ready - depending of course on your requirements. It will support all core phone functionality, such as outgoing and incoming voice calls, SMS texts and LTE. In addition, it will have GPS location and GPU hardware acceleration for the system and its apps. That said, some features - notably camera support, battery life conservation and USB Host [that means plug and play for perhipherals such as mice] will still be under active development at the time of shipping.

  • Done, I'll see how far I will come with testing and contribute.

  • Hi,

    does anybody know, if a case is included?


  • @redi
    I don't think it is.
    The case can be found in Pine64's store, but I read something about purchasing only the phone...
    You should check information from the Pine store.

  • @redi The case is not included.

  • Thats a pity, because it is not possible to order the case together with the phone.

    However I'm going to order the pinephone.



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