Oneplus one does not boot unless conencted to PC

  • Hello,

    I installed Ubuntu Touch on my Oneplus one. The installation was successful and the phone boot up into the OS.
    The problem is that once I disconnect the phone from the PC the phone reboots and gets stuck in a boot loop. If I connect the USB cable again then the phone boots up normally.

    I was on Windows 10 when I first installed Ubuntu touch and I used the official Ubports Installer.
    Do I have to be rooted and unlocked bootloader before I install Ubuntu Touch?

    Any idea please?


  • @xkvr That sounds like the battery is playing up. I had one that did the same. Please check it is charging fully. Mine would say 50% all the time even after 24 hrs on charge which is a common OPO issue. A new battery fixed mine.

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