OTA-12 call for testing

  • @Keneda RC only. Stable channel is indeed forecast on May 13.

  • @stanwood said in OTA-12 call for testing:

    @Keneda RC only. Stable channel is indeed forecast on May 13.

    Yes, so OTA 12 is not "now released".
    RC is "OTA12 WIP that could still change untill OTA12 really released"...

  • Webopedia : https://www.webopedia.com/TERM/R/release_candidate.html

    Abbreviates as RC, a release candidate is a version of a program or software that is functional but not quite ready to be released to the consumer market. Often, glitches and issues with the software are known to the developer, and those issues need to be fixed before the developer releases the product to a sample of consumers for the next phase of development, beta testing. Some developers, such as Microsoft, have a special technical service users group to which they offer a release candidate for trial before a more open public beta test. By Vangie Beal

  • @Keneda My bad, I switched back to stable and still got an update for RC.
    And I also lost track of time (too much video games) πŸ˜‰

    Nonetheless I don't think any specific issue like this one not being tracked within gitlab will be fixed until next week.
    My advise is the same, it is best to track it from OTA12 IF the issue is not already existing.

  • @AppLee β€œ...still got an update for rc...β€œ

    This also happens to me when I change ch. Need to exit from system setting, wait a bit (30 minute? Better to turn off net connection... also..) and try again later.

    [incoming call] Maybe only my E5 shows this issue (so not really an issue!)... who can said...

  • @FlavioMala There is an old known bug, but not recent : you can read this : https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/195

  • @domubpkm
    ...not really... but I continue later: the reading generate a curiosity... and it would be appropriate to start with the installation of logview app...

  • @mdk said in OTA-12 call for testing:

    (my locale is french) after download it displayed a grey Installation... ("Currently installing...") button.
    30mn after, feeling it was a bit long, I cliked the button and it poped a window. If the user is expected to click it I think it should be reworded as Installer ("Install", more meaning "Click to do it" than "Installing..." which means more like "Please wait, as it is currently installing"), and maybe go blue instead of grey.

    Yes! I also had the exact same misunderstanding with the "Installation..." label in french. Those "..." definitely make me feel like something is happening when in fact it is waiting for you to tap on. I don't know if that's only a french translation error or if other locales are impacted as well but please remove the "..." πŸ˜‰

  • @Fla, The English text is "Install..." Ellipses are used at the end of a button's text to signify that a dialog or further options will be available upon tapping the button.

    The translation should instead imply "Install this update..." not "Installing this update..."

  • Since the last rc update I can't replay the videos I took with the camera. I use a FP2

  • @TobsEnd
    Where do you save? Internally or on SD card? Test it on my E5 > no problem on internal mem: I disable SD long ago: after an update it gave problems (of course I can also read the SD with PC, via USB).

  • @domubpkm
    [...] you can read this : https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/195 [...]
    It seam to me that there are several problems:
    in older msgs
    a) red button no reactive. This rarely happes to me and usually with a very low low low radio signal (you know, when the voice is β€œbrokenβ€œ)
    b) flickering. If I well remember it only happened once after first rc w16 (OTA-12) and never more (till now)

    in the latest posts
    c) green bar. Yes it look similar, bit with differences (see previous posts). Species what happends on ALL incoming calls and NONE outgoing (no matter number lenght), sometime THERE IS NO green bar... nothing... but you're in conversation!

  • @FlavioMala I only use internal storage so there should be no Problem

  • @TobsEnd I also have this problem since a few months in devel.

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