Sony Xperia X Performance (dora/F8131 & F8132)

  • For those having an issue with the never ending reboot of their Sony Xperia X Performance when trying to install, and having issues gaining access to TWRP. Please follow these instructions, it will fix all issues.

    1. Start your phone in fastboot

    2. In terminal make sure your device is showing up. Type "fastboot devices" and your phone should appear in the list.

    3. Make sure you know the path to your TWRP recovery IMG file (twrp-3.4.0-0-dora.img). I just open terminal in the folder where the TWRP IMG resides, and then enter the following command,

    "fastboot flash boot twrp-3.4.0-0-dora.img"

    Remove the usb when complete and reboot the phone, it should startup to TWRP.

    1. In TWRP select, "wipe", "format data"

    2. Don't wipe everything, just wipe "data", "system", "dalvik", and "cache."

    3. Reboot to bootloader and use UBports-installer to flash again. The installer first flashes UBports recovery, then the phone reboots and automatically goes into UBports recovery, then the system is flashed.

    Let the installer and phone do their thing, it should work.

  • Andreas: In the status/working area of your first post, USB/ADB is working. Does this work similar to the Nexus 5 and allow tethering?

  • Hello everyone.

    Hope you are all safe.

    I installed the Ubuntu Touch on my Sony Xperia X Performance. After that, I received almost daily updates. However from beginning of June, I have not received any update. I'm on the Development Channel. The last update I have is:

    • OS build number: 2020-06-07
    • NOF27B 53 test-keys

    I also tried to reinstall the OS by using the UBProts installer, but it stays on through same build number as shown above.

    Are other here also on the same build number and not receiving any updates?

    Cheers and thanks in advance for the help and/or responses.


  • Will this work on SOV33? That's the one I found locally so far.

  • @MaxSo216 I made some attempts with xz1. Fixed issues in the sony kernel. But besides that it is more different than expected. It shows multiple flash devices. It will be possible but will require more time, that I do not have right now.

  • @malditobastardo camera/video and loss of wifi configuration will be fixed through ubports rootfs updates. The former could be manually fixed by using gst-droid. The latter is a kernel issue that makes temporary mac address changes of the wifi chip fail - but undetected by network manager. A newer version might fix that..

  • @kophamerla said in Sony Xperia X Performance (dora/F8131 & F8132):

    Type "fastboot devices" and your phone should appear in the list.

    Hello, and what to do in case I type "fastboot devices" and my phone does not appear?
    Thanks for your suggestion.

  • @jdavid_t said in Sony Xperia X Performance (dora/F8131 & F8132):


    What channel are you using?

    $ system-image-cli --info

  • @Tellina Depends on what state your phone is in - when you do "fastboot devices" the blue led has to glow, otherwise it is not in fastboot mode, or the USB cable has issues, or the USB hub in your system has issues.

  • @kugiigi I was supposed to grab three suzu devices and accidently bought doras - so I had to adapt the port. Overall it is still not as polished, and it does not feel faster - yet. There is still something odd. Moving to arm64 made it snappier and removing the disfunct thermanager also helped. Still battery usage and overall performance should be better.

  • @Andreas-Pokorny Hello Andreas. Thanks for your reply. I checked the output of the "system-image-cli --info" and it shows that I'm on the:

    • current build number: 53
    • channel: 16.04/community/anpok/devel

    I've read that there are now other channels, and that I should move to the arm64 branch. I will reinstall the OS using the installer.

  • @Andreas-Pokorny The previous version bugs still persist on OTA-13, plus camera not working now, any idea how to fix those?

  • Bugs i found until now:

    • No GPS detection

    • Wi-fi disconnects randomly (and sometimes is hard to reconnect, keeps asking for password) - New

    • When reboot wi-fi connection is lost, need to add password again

    • Camera doesn't work (photo and video)

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