Syncthing on Ubuntu Touch

  • @Capsia I was not aware there were already instructions on running Syncthing on Ubuntu Touch.
    The Syncthing web application writes its configuration in $HOME/.config/syncthing. So my app should pick up the existing configuration without any issues.

    But because the old install is already using port 8384 you will have to stop it first. To do that open the Terminal app on your phone, or aquire a shell to your device from your computer.
    Then stop the upstart job:

    ~$ stop syncthing
    syncthing stop/waiting

    and rename the upstart job configuration:

    ~$ mv $HOME/.config/upstart/syncthing.conf $HOME/.config/upstart/syncthing.conf.bak

    Now reboot your device. When it is back up, install the Syncthing app from the Open Store.

    Check if it starts and picks up your existing data. If it doesn't, please post back on here.

    Otherwise clean up the old installation:

    ~$ rm $HOME/.config/upstart/syncthing.conf.bak
    ~$ rm -rf $HOME/apps/syncthing

  • @kugiigi Thank you...

    Hmmm.. it seems to be missing the syncthing binary... could you post a listing of the contents of the /opt/ folder on your PinePhone?

    EDIT: I downloaded the arm64 click and I confirmed that it is indeed missing the syncthing binary. I will prepare new versions to upload shortly.

    EDIT2: Preparing a new click will take a bit longer than anticipated (the versioning is based on the upstream Syncthing version, and since this hasn't changed I will have to do some fiddling to get a version bump.)

  • @arubislander thank you, it worked perfectly

  • @Capsia I would be interested in knowing if you notice better battery life using this version than in the previous situation.

  • I have temporarily unpublished the app pending resolution of the issue that @kugiigi found...

  • A new version has been uploaded and the app has been republished.

    @kugiigi, could you test this on you PinePhone?

  • @arubislander It's working now although the first time I opened it, it was stuck in the splash screen.
    Also, I've never actually used it so not sure if the functions are working 😅

  • @kugiigi Yeah, the sticking the first time is because of the upstart jobs that are installed on first run. For now it is sufficient to know that it starts up. Thank you for testing.

  • @arubislander Hi,
    I've used your app for 2 days now and I can confirm that the battery usage is much better than before👍 .
    The previous Syncthing was eating up all the battery in one night, now it is ok.
    I've also found that Syncthing stops some time after the app closes. (before was running all the time)


  • Hi @arubislander ,
    I'd like to contribute an adapted icon that looks more Ubuntuish to make the app follow the icon style.

  • @Capsia Thank You! Expect an updateof the app soon.

    EDIT: New version has been uploaded to Open-Store.

  • A new version (1.7.0) of Syncthing has been uploaded to the Open Store. This release follows the upstream release. See here for the release notes.

  • I have updated the first post with info about the Syncthing snap package, available for those who want to sync with/to an amd64 machine.

  • A new version of Syncthing is available in the Open Store. This version follows the release of 1.7.1 of the main Sycthing project.

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