Keyboard (again) - CTRL+

  • Is there a way to force the keyboard to always (or for specific programs inc inside libertine) display the basic CTRL+ and other special keys? looking for ctrl+etc for term inside libertine

  • @pixelated
    None that I know of.
    @kugiigi have a very good knowledge of the OSK and might give you an insight about how difficult it can be to implement what you're asking.

    But IIRC I think one can create new layouts for the OSK so you can create an alternate keyboard for your language with additional keys...
    I don't know how hard it can be to do this.

  • For using terminal inside libertine, it's better to uses the host Terminal app and running libertine-launch -i <id> bash for example, as documented.

    The main Terminal app has a command keys bar, with some special keys for certain editors, arrow keys, etc…

  • @dobey That doesn'tallow me to launch X programs unfortunately (unless there is a switch, i'll check info)

    I am using terms within libertine because it is the simplest way to check for issues/dependencies/etc when the program starts (havent managed to get synaptic or lubuntu package managers to work yet)

  • I haven't really looked into this functionality in the keyboard. But I am thinking that if ever someone implements this, it can be separate language layout like Emoji. Something like "Terminal Keyboard".

  • @kugiigi i am guessing there is a switch somewhere, which selects the right keyboard for the app, is it something i can manually set perhaps, force to always Use The Term keyboard? i Would be happy with having CTRL always available tbh, i can live without auto correct and prediction

  • @pixelated
    From another answer from @kugiigi in another post, the additional tool bar in the terminal is not part of OSK.
    So it's part of the app.

    What seems possible is to create a new keyboard layout like there are for various countries, for emojis, and charsets...

    There is no switch to keyboard selection. There is only digits vs text kind of switch...
    Depending on your need you may try to reach out to the app maintainer and ask for a feature (terminal app style) or you can try to create a new keyboard layout to match your need.

  • @AppLee thanks useful info , i'll look unto a custom keyboard map

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