OPO OTG wifi supported?

  • I have an OPO running latest ubports, and want to have a second wifi card running.

    Sadly, while it sees the device (tried a few wifi dongles), ifconfig doesn't show it.

    Is this a driver issue, or any pointers as to how to get this work?

  • @roflwaffle said in OPO OTG wifi supported?:

    and want to have a second wifi card running.

    I don't understand what you want to do.
    Do you want to make your OPO a wifi access point?

  • Sorry. I'm not going to be using this as a phone, more of as a small linux server with a screen.
    Usage will be more like that of a raspberry pi than a cellphone.

    I would like to use a USB wifi dongle instead of the onboard wifi, as its desired placement doesn't get good signal with the onboard, and the USB one with antenna is able to get sufficient signal.

  • After doing a bit more searching, i acknowledge I'm in 'unsupported use' territory. I have no expectations of help :). Just hopeful. I have checked out postmarket and it looks less mature. I suppose I can try Kali, as it should have otg/modules support, just a lot of hacking tools I have no use for, and doubtful camera and other things work out of box

    Attempting to compile kernel with config_modules=y and seeing if it's just as simple as that. First time build is slow.

    Anyway, appreciate any tips.

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