Oneplus 3T re-installing dilemma, help needed

  • Last week I somehow managed to get Ubuntu Touch installed on the Oneplus 3T using Windows. In the process I discovered I had been following an alternative path to success, luck maybe. If you're interested in the steps I followed and challenges encountered, you can read that here This NOT the recommended way. If you're about to install Ubuntu Touch I kindly referring you to this thread where you'll find the proper instructions and guidance by the incredible volunteers.

    And here’s why one should follow the instructions….🙄

    Albeit I'm extremely happy with the UT on my phone and working as expected with the essentials, I now realize that not having had the TWRP interface (partitions not converted into ext4?), I’m limited to the Open Store, not able to run custom applications. The OPO 3T is capable of receiving and install firmware updates and has done so successfully in settings, so I guess that’s a good thing as long as Open Store apps being installed, not custom apps.

    Afaik the UBport installer did not use TWRP nor can I use ADB (does not show up even with developer mode enabled), can’t run sudo command in Windows prompt and fastboot. Eventhough I put the TWRP image in the appropriate folder, it has not been executed on the OPO 3T.

    As said, I'm happy with UT now, however custom application can not be run, for instance flashing the black logo requires fastboot/TWRP

    Of course I could run the entire installation process again (by using a Windows machine), but I'm not sure if this will brick the phone.

    I decided to turn on my spare device being a LattePanda (Intel 32bit running Ubuntu latest LTS) and try to fix this.

     adb version 1.0.39
     adb devices: “list of devices attached”

    My OPO 3T is connected to USB, dev mode enabled, yet no devices listed in the terminal. In Ubuntu file manager the phone (running Ubuntu!) is displayed as "Android" (hovering above it shows 'mtp://Android_Android_[serial no]/).

    Any advice would be highly appreciated.
    Looking forward to your replies and suggestions so I can start working and fix this issue..

    Thank you

  • @3T_Ed boot device to fastboot mode (Vol-up and power on). Connect USB and type in a terminal: fastboot boot PathAndNameOfTWRP.img and you are back in twrp.

    Good luck.

  • @gischpelino
    Thank you for that, it worked

    Because I did not follow through the instructions procedure upon installing I'm kind of reluctant to use TWRP now it is installed (only changed 'Keep System Read Only' into allow changes) , frankly I'm not sure whether it'll do more harm than good going through all options available. Too scared of the unknown I guess.....

    How to check if I still need to change that into ext4 format?