[Request] Maintainer for uReadIt

  • Unfortunately I don't currently have the coding skills to fork/update/maintain uReadIt, as it seems like a good base for a reddit app (and personally is quicker to navigate on my PinePhone than reddit.com in Morph).

    Really this post is just a request for someone to take over maintenance and updates of the app and to see if others on the forum are interested in a dedicated reddit app on Ubuntu Touch.

  • @wilson
    Hi, I started to make my own newer version of uReadIt.
    I know someone else is working on it but I couldn't reach them.

    So I'll wait to see if we can merge our work else I'll fork the repository and upload something for the PinePhone.

  • Yeah someones working on a "port" of a sailfish reddit app, it takes visual cues from ureadit, I haven't heard from them in a while tho, so I don't know whats up.

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