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  • What happens with mailing lists link? I've been trying to connect for a week and only get 504 error

  • @javiplx Yeah sorry. Mailing lists were pretty dead all the time. They really did not attract any users, so also nobody really cared and at one point, when we moved stuff in the virtual server environment we seem to have broken smth. And it seems as nobody complain this was ongoing for months now ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I can take a look into that but as the traffic was so low all the time, I dont know if its worth running mailing lists additional to forums and telegram groups. And matrix. And IRC. I just see a great potential for creating a bubble where people will never get updated information and then after some time will turn away, frustrated.

    There was a lot and heated discussion if one needs mailing lists in 2020, and I dont want to fuel that again. Just saying, from practical standpoint we came a long way without them ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • @Flohack As an old advocate, and without wanting to open any debate so this is going to be my only post, I just want to say that I still miss a searchable and threaded mailing list archive, it's a pain for me each time I want to find old info in this project. But kudos anyway for all the work, I will keep looking in Telegram and the forum.

  • +1

    The mailing list have been unwanted and not actively promoted from the beginning and not actively used by the core team of UBports, as it was in the time of ubuntu-phone. Thatโ€˜s why they died.


  • With the situation you describe, I believe the best is to remove it from the community dropdown, and also close the mailing lists. Although it still the best as primary collaboration mean.

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