FluffyChat message on lock screen

  • I have a message on my lock screen in the circle saying:

    Hey Gurucubano! (stupid emoji) You have sent no FluffyChat messages from your Ubuntu Touch device so far. (other stupid emoji)

    The message does not disappear on suspend and wake-up. How can I delete this?

  • This isn't a Fluffychat thing, this is something that is in the OS, if you double tap it, you'll find a message about how many texts you've sent or songs you've listened to.

    however you can easily disable it by going to settings, than security & Privacy, than flicking the switch of "Stats on welcome screen" than the whole circle is gone.

    The petals are based on the info inside the message, perhaps if could be changed so that you still get the circle with the date dots, but if you want the date dots, petals and circle, than you need to keep the stats on the welcome screen.

  • @PhoenixLandPirat
    I think FluffyChat has to implement the feature and provide data, so maybe a switch on FluffyChat side is possible.

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