tty console no image

  • Hi. My goal is to use old Nexus 7 2012 only in text mode and have those cool debian packages. I've succesfully installed ubuntu touch. My problem is: every time i switch with ctrl+alt+f*(1-6) to tty* console i have no image. I've check htop and figured out i can login and run commands in it, but i have no image. Interesting is when i go for dist-upgrade to 14.04 i get divers issues like no wifi, no gyroscope, cant login and whatever else, but tty's 1-6 working. I screwed around with menucofig of my kernel back on 13.0 and no good results. I've googled for this problem and some topics on desktop ubuntu refers to wrong bootloader config. My guess is its something wrong with text-mode doesnt cooperate with display rotation. Where should i look for gyroscope disable (exept smashing it against the wall)? Or better: where should i look for troubleshoot this kind of problem? I googled for many topics, and checked for few differences between 13.0(no image) and 14.04(image but many bugs) like dpkg-reconfigure console-setup, /proc/cmdline, syslog|grep tyy, dmesg|grep tty and some other headless shoots in the dark but outputs looks the same on both distros. I'd be happy to know more.

  • @gte1070 Nexus 7 2012, Ubuntu Touch 13.x and 14.04 images? I am afraid you are running ancient Canonical images on a no longer supported device.

    I have one looking at me too. But I doubt Ubuntu Touch is the way to go on it any more.

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