USB hotspot very capricious

  • Hello everyone. I always have difficulty connecting to my nexus 5, I need to dis-activate and reactivate the hotspot several times until it appears on my computer screen. Why is it so tricky? Whenever I change the name (Ubuntu as default), it is impossible to use the hotspot and log onto it. If I add a password, same thing. Well, what can I do about it?

    As for tethering, is it possible to have an interface to use it, rather than code lines?



  • @Rebecca58 Hi,
    the hotspot issue is a known issue on Nexus 5 and maybe also on the other devices.
    You can enable tethering from UT Tweak Tool:

    1. Install UTTT from the OpenStore and open it
    2. Go to the system section in the top left hamburger menu
    3. In the ADB settings, you will find RNDIS, enable it for USB tethering

  • Thank you very much for this precious information. I was just wondering, what does it mean RNDIS or the other default mode?
    I try to plug my phone in tomorrow in order to see if tethering works.

    I also have troubles with Bluetooth. I can receive files but I cannot send them. Actually I really don't know how to. I downloaded the app but when I open the Bluetooth app to send something, it keeps charging forever.

  • @Rebecca58
    Actually, to share a file, you need to use the media hub.

    Media hub is the feature allowing an app to share something with another app without breaking confinement.
    For example when in the gallery app, you can utilize the top-right hamburger menu, select share then a list of app is proposed.

    You should have Bluetooth as an option. It will open the Bluetooth share app with the picture you're trying to share.
    Then a list of BT devices will become available for you to send the picture to.

  • @Rebecca58 RNDIS stands for 'Remote network driver interface specification', usually known as USB network tethering, MTP (default) is used to access files on the phone when connected using a usb cable.

  • @AppLee Thanks, I'm so relieved it's working! From the gallery I can do this, but it doesn't work from file app as I don't get the hamburger menu. So I can only share pictures, not videos, etc.
    @Capsia Thank you, I just realized the difference as my keyboard on OTG wasn't working as I was still on RNDIS.

  • @Rebecca58
    Using the File app you can swipe left the file you want to share.
    The far right icon is a share button that will allow you to share it with BT

  • @AppLee Unfortunatelly, when I select the file and swipe left, nothing happens. If I swipe right, I get the side bar appearing, and if I chose Bluetooth from apps, it doesn't take the file into account.
    As for the icons, I only have the "open with", "cut", an icon with multiple squares when I select a file (if I click on it, it unselects all), a "ticked square", "three lines" leading to "rename", "delete" and "propreties".
    I get other icons when I unselect: a big "+" to create elements, and then an "(i)' for information.

    I still don't know how to share from there.

  • @Rebecca58 Maybe you need root permission to share the file that you want. You can enable it from here.

  • @Rebecca58 Hi,
    to see the share button you'll need to switch view from icons to list in the app settings.
    then you'll be able to swipe from the right and see the share icon.

  • @Capsia ooooh I see. It was as simple as that. lol It works when I swipe left on the file.