Moto G 2013 (falcon)

  • Port for Moto G 2013 (falcon) based on Halium-7.1

    Device port status: WIP


    Kernel: LineageOS/android_kernel_motorola_msm8226 (fork)
    Device: android_device_motorola_falcon | msm8226-common (fork)
    Halium: halium-devices manifest

    Current Status (tested on XT-1032 BR Retail)


    • Actors: Manual brightness
    • Actors: Notification LED
    • Actors: Torchlight
    • Cellular: Carrier info, signal strength
    • Cellular: Data connection
    • Cellular: Incoming, outgoing calls (but no audio)
    • Cellular: SMS in, out
    • Misc: Battery percentage
    • Misc: Online charging
    • Sensors: Automatic brightness
    • Sensors: Proximity
    • Sensors: Touchscreen

    Working with additional steps

    • Actors: Vibration
    • Camera: Photo (Only front camera | back camera hangs after press capture button)
    • Camera: Switch between back and front camera (needs to "change" app and returns to work)
    • Sensors: GPS (only at test GPS on Terminal - No permission request when open an app)

    Not working

    • Camera: Flashlight
    • Camera: Video (Camera app hangs trying to record video)
    • Cellular: Voice in calls
    • Misc: Shutdown / Reboot ( Shutdown but do not start again - need long press power button )
    • Network: Bluetooth
    • Network: WiFi (Possible to scan networks and sometimes connect, but generally crash all the system after a "successful" connection)
    • Sensors: Rotation
    • Sound: Earphones
    • Sound: Loudspeaker (only some sounds like keyboard / files played by Morph Browser)
    • Sound: Microphone
    • Sound: Volume control
    • Misc: Offline charging (blank screen)

    Not tested

    • Cellular: MMS in, out
    • Cellular: PIN unlock
    • Cellular: Change audio routings
    • Endurance: Battery lifetime > 24h from 100%
    • Endurance: No reboot needed for 1 week
    • GPU: Boot into UI
    • GPU: Video acceleration
    • Misc: Anbox patches applied to kernel
    • Misc: Recovery image
    • Misc: Reset to factory defaults
    • Misc: SD card detection and access (XT1032 don´t have SD card slot)
    • Misc: RTC time is used after reboot
    • Network: Flight mode
    • Network: Hotspot
    • USB: MTP access
    • USB: ADB access

    (To be detailed in the future.)

    • Bootloader needs to be unlocked.
    • Flash TWRP recovery.
    • Install with halium-install

    Additional Information

    • Installation performed on device running custom ROM: LineageOS (7.1.2).
    • Recovery version: twrp-3.3.1-0-falcon.img
    • Perform a TWRP full backup recommended
    • Only tested on XT1032 BR Retail (single SIM)

  • I'm happy to see a port for this device. I will try to install on my device.

    Thank you for your work

  • @fsi any test build? I have XT1033 and I want to test it

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