UBPorts Community Edition Pinephone - unable to install linux applications from terminal

  • I tried to run "sudo apt install tor firefox" from the terminal. But I got an error saying that neither tor nor firefox were recognized.

  • @rvndpr Hi and we are glad to have you here. Before asking for solution, please make sure that the same issue wasn't already reported, a simple search on the forum will do it and you can look trough the tags as well. PinePhone is still in development and is the first phone, that wasn't Android that UBports is working on. This will take some time as it wasn't done before.

  • Thanks @C0n57an71n. This is the first time I'm using this site. No worries about non-availability of any fix for these issues I am reporting. The intention is to get them on the radar - I bought the Pinephone with the expectation to help test the phone.

  • @rvndpr If you never used UT before, you might wanna look at Cattegories/Design/ New Commer guide to UT as it has a different behavior compared with Android or iOS. Regarding bug reporting: it would be good if you look on Github for tickets that are oppened for a specific problem.

  • @rvndpr You cannot install firefox via sudo/terminal because Ubuntu Touch uses click packages and Ubuntu Desktop deb. What you need is Libertine, but is still in development and to be honest, I never tryied it. You can find more information on the forum regarding Libertine setup.

  • @rvndpr
    have you looked on "pine64" forum ,for info

  • Ubuntu Touch is not a traditional Linux distribution. It uses image based updates and the rootfs is read-only. You need to create a Libertine container to install x11/CLI apps, though only CLI will be usable currently on Pinephone.

    Once the work to get Xwayland working properly is done, then GUI apps will also be runnable through libertine as well. However, it does not make legacy apps either usable nor useful, on a phone.

  • @rvndpr
    For the record, dobey is a ubports dev 🙂

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