Morph Browser can't pan nor zoom on maps based on OpenStreetMap

  • Hello,

    This issue was mentioned in this topic, but there was no reply - and since this topic discussed many different issues, I figure it be best to create a dedicated one.

    On map websites using OpenStreetMap data, I cannot find a way to pan or zoom the map.

    • Pinching with two fingers on the screen zooms the whole page rather than the map window.
    • Swiping one or two fingers produces no effect for panning.

    The result is that the following sites are basically unusable:

    This issue can be reproduced on the following two devices:

    • OnePlus One running the RC channel (currently 2020-W33 / 20200809-26523 UBports image)
    • Pinephone running the Development channel (2020-08-13/2 / 20200809-31327 UBports image)

    Of course Activity Tracker and Pure Maps can import gpx traces, but they can't edit them. Also, neither uNav nor Pure Maps support multiple destinations in trips.

    I doubt there is a workaround available, but I'd be willing to hear it if there's one.

    Should I create an issue on the tracker? (I have no idea where to)


  • I have Puremaps, Unav, and Opentopomaps on a Nexus 5,stable channel. Pinch to zoom and swipe to pan work perfectly on all maps.

  • @normandc sounds like it should be reported on the Morph repository. I can confirm on those sites listed two-finger gestures zoom the entire page not the map frame.

  • Pardon my intrusion. I think, that the latest rc update broke something in morph browser. The auto-zoom to fit function is buggy after the last update (until than I had no buggy experience, since auto-zoom introduction). Now you say pinch to zoom is buggy. Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark. 😉 More investigation is required*, I agree with @Giiba, the issue creation in morph repo is good idea.

    *\ The auto-fit bug is already filled, it also affects saved zooms. It seems there is a Qt bug. Maybe this pinch-to-zoom has something to do with it. Just my 2 cents, I could be wrong.

  • On you can double tap on the map and it makes some kind of "zoom in" and center. Then you can zoom out again with the button and by repeating this procedure slowly reach your target. This is far away from good usability but at least a way to use the map if really needed.

  • I also reproduce the problem and use the same workaround than herr-b.

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