Bluetooth findings with OTA-13 (rc)

  • Bluetooth firmware is loaded from the system image for Bluetooth and has nothing to do with the modem firmware...

  • That is, it is updated automatically as long as new Bluetooth firmware is available?

  • @padu No its never updated, as Oneplus does not supply new firmware for an old model 😉

  • Also, please bear in mind the problems you are looking for are probably not coming from the firmware: A Bluetooth network card is a thin layer.

    Our issue is: Old Bluez daemon plus buggy pulseaudio plus a ton of other bugs all over the place. All in middleware and UX-facing software.

    Its 100% not a BT firmware issue, thats just responsible for sending frames around, and that obviously works.

  • About the old bluez, I've read @mariogrip having hacked on backporting bluez 5.50. How's that progressing? Might that come before the 18.04/20.04 switch?

  • BTW, I'm not looking for problems. 🙂 I just noticed that carkit telephony works with some devices with OTA-13, while people ask for this in other threads [1], [2].

  • @padu Its barely moving along, as we were dragged into the Non-Android phones for the last 1.5yrs, And we would need more hands for that to be cleaned up. But as I said, Bluez is only on part of the problem, audio routing for various audio devices incl 4000 non-standardcompliant carkits is done more in other layers, like pulseaudio and telepathy-ofono I think. Its worth a few man months of work probably.

  • @Flohack That's an invitation for sponsoring. (Looking at Canonical, for Ubuntu conquering mobile platform certainly raises their market value.)

  • @padu said in Bluetooth findings with OTA-13 (rc):

    (Looking at Canonical, for Ubuntu conquering mobile platform certainly raises their market value.)

    Are you telling that ubports should ask canonical to help them improve the very one phone OS they dumped to the ditch three years ago?

  • @Keneda Like HP, Canonical have been wimps. Never put the (massive) resources needed into mobile platform and then had to step back. In contrast, a little sponsoring today is peanuts for Canonical (that may focus on enterprise grade features for the otherwise community driven project). About asking Canonical, I think there's no need for that. There's just one UBports foundation out there and Canonical certainly knows where to find them. (But just in case ...)

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