Lost wifi after flashing anbox

  • Hello again.

    After loosing my nexus 4 years ago, I am back with a used nexus 5 and I am amazed about the progress in the last years.

    Anyway, I am in trouble with the anbox manual.
    After flashing anbox to hammerhead I lost my possibilitys to use wifi and date/time is set to 01-01-1976.

    iwconfig wlan0 - no such device

    My settings:
    OTA-12 stable hammerhead nexus 5 (no sim-card in use)
    Didnt change anything under the hood after fresh flash. Last rom was android 6.0.1 from stock firmware.

    Any ideas?

    P.S. Flashed OTA-12 again. Wifi is back. Flashed anbox again... wifi lost, same error than before.

  • @samsy known error. First, anbox is built into the kernel for nexus 5. No need to flash it. Start with the second green box from the UT anbox page.

  • AS mentioned, kernel changes are now merged so anbox is already supported by default. you just need to install anbox via apt.

  • Thx. And sorry for asking a known error. My searching skills didnt find something.

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