Dekko2 randomly occurring issues

  • Hi all,

    Dekko 2 seems to randomly not send emails. I get the Message Queued balloon then it just sits in my outbox, but sometimes works.

    Another randomly occurring issue is Dekko 2 not always downloading attachments. Say I'm sent a .jpg, I tap on it and mostly just get the blue waiting circle, however sometimes it downloads ok. This is true for large and tiny file sizes.

    I cant find a correlation to being on wifi or mobile network, or using VPN or not.

    My phone is a Oneplus One. Email provider is Namecheap's service, Privativeemail.

    Anyone else getting these issues?

    Cheers, Scott

  • Same issues here on OnePlus 3T. Several messages presumed as being sent were moved to outbox and as a result have put me in an awkward situation.
    edit: No correlation to being on wifi or mobile network either

  • @scottbouch
    Hi, have you checked if the problem occurs after switching network ?
    Does closing and reopening Dekko helps ?

    I don't use my emails on mobile so often. Only in case of emergency and mostly only for reading them.

    I noticed that sometimes I'm not notified for incoming emails. Usually closing the app and restarting it fix the problem. I suspect some loss of connectivity probably due to switching from wifi to 4G or the other way around.

  • Sorry, should have mentioned, yes, tried restarting the app, and the phone, also can't correlate the behavior. Still seems totally random, but fails way more often than it succeeds.

    There is no doubt a logical reason, I just haven't seen any pattern yet. Wind direction maybe.

    I use my phone a lot for email, so this is quite a bind.

    Cheers, Scott

  • @scottbouch said in Dekko2 randomly occurring issues:

    Dekko 2 seems to randomly not send emails. I get the Message Queued balloon then it just sits in my outbox, but sometimes works.

    At least you get consistent behaviour: When the mail is sitting in "Outgoing", it has not been sent yet. In my case, dekko2 correctly moved it to "Sent" only after it had been sent successfully.

    I did not get random effects like you, but all my mails stayed in "Outgoing" until I fixed my mail settings. There are some options on how to authenticate to the outgoing server. While mine were wrong, there was no error message from dekko2. Even the log did not have a big fat "authentication denied" entry.
    My suggestion is to check those options.
    Maybe if your mail is hosted by a large provider, there are multiple outgoing servers, with some being more picky than others. That could explain the random factor.

    [not downloading attachments]

    No experiences on my side since I rarely download any at all. But I noticed that dekko2 cannot display some HTML mails correctly. It just shows part(!) of the unformatted code. This tells me it has a problem with weird MIME structures and / or overly long mails. So, I wonder whether in your case: is the problem occurring randomly, or does it affect specific mails?

  • I have similar problems with an Oneplus 3T. When I create a new e-mail and attach pictures, I cannot send them. But if I reply to an old e-mail or forward it and attach pictures, it works.

  • I had a similar problem this week. (BQ 4.5). It kept crashing on reply to email. Half the problem was me because I had forgotten to update the phone with new outgoing server data but once this was done, it still kept breaking. Deleted Dekko and re-installed and issues have been resolved except for trying to change the email signature which won't update correctly. I suspect that Dekko has an issue with overwriting/updating configuration files, hence the need to reinstall and enter data afresh.

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