Oneplus one, bluetooth headphones.

  • Hi all,

    I just tried today my BT headphones (Linklike Fly 9 ear buds with microphone / buttons in wire).

    I was hoping to be able to play music through them, but it wouldn't work.

    The phone does connect, but they appear as a phone headset, not a music playback device. These headphones used to work on my Android phone as both headset and headphones.

    Oneplus One bacon.

    Any pointers?

    Cheers, Scott

  • @scottbouch I use the OP3 with the wireless OnePlus earphones, and they work pretty fine, however, after I connect the earphones, I have to close the app then reopen it for the audio to come out of the earphones rather than the speakers, perhaps you might have the same bug?

    If not then something is probably wrong in the bluetooth stack, bluetooth is a complex protocol!

  • Thanks, yes I tried closing and opening the app, thinking exactly what you confirmed, but no joy.

    I have also tried different apps for audio source, same issue.

    in the bluetooth settings, this headset is shown with a headset symbol against it, rather than a music smbol (this is an assumption based on other phones / car stereos), as I'd have imagined it to display.


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