Terminal Nano - OSK keyboard disappears after switching apps

  • Hi all,

    I use Terminal on my OPO to edit files on my server over SSH, mainly html web pages.

    Once SSH'd to the server, I use Nano for the edits.

    This allows me to make edits ok. I then swith apps to Morph to see how my page looks, and do this process back and forth a few times till I'm happy with the results.

    When coming back to Terminal, the keyboard disappers. I am presented with the little circle to bring it back, which works..... most of the time. However occasionally (normally after switching between Terminal and Morph a few times) the little keyboard circle symbol does not bring the keyboard back up. I still have the Nano command bar, so can ctrl-x but once exited from Nano, I still cant recover the keyboard to log out of terminal.

    If in Nano I have unsaved changes, I cant press 'y' when prompted to save the changes as I have no keyboard, so I just have to close the Terminal app. I end up with quite a few .save temporary files in my directoies as this happens every session, and is normally what kills my sessions.

    Any tweaks I can do to help resolve this bug?

    Cheers, Scott

  • @scottbouch
    I experienced similar issues with other apps (mostly the messaging app or Teleports).

    My understanding is that the OSK crashes at some point and the app cannot start it again.
    So the user has to restart the app in order to bring up another instance of the OSK.

  • Hmm, yeah that pretty much describes my issue.

    Can you tell if there is there a bug report in on this if its something others experience? (I'm unsure how to check)

  • I've got this behaviour too, but mostly in messaging app. When I go from the conversation to the conversations-overview and then back to the conversation the OSK appears again.

  • I think this is an old issue that seems to be tricky to solve. In the terminal, I try to open new tab then close or something and sometimes the keyboard comes back but if not, I just restart it. It can be an annoying bug 😅

  • @scottbouch Not related to the keyboard issue, but to your having to kill the ssh connection because of closing the Terminal app.
    If you are able to, you might want to look into installing and using byobu on your server. It creates a persistent session on your server that you can connect to via ssh. That way, you could even close the Terminal app while nano is still running. The next time you connect to your server, you will be able to continue where you left off.

  • @arubislander thanks, byobu looks like it would help as a workaround, but also pretty useful generally too!

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