OTA-13 on Meizu Pro 5

  • Dalton said on Telegram today: Ubuntu Touch OTA-13 has been released at 1% phase for testing the upgrader. If you're chomping at the bit to upgrade your device on the stable channel, you may run sudo system-image-cli --progress=dots -p 1 to get the update right meow.

  • At the time of writing I already had the update installed on my Pinephone UT.

    I just got the announcement that says, the update comes for several devices within the next days.

    I apologize for having been asking too quickly.

    I wasn't aware aware there was an announcement to come yet. I just wondered why the Pinephone already had the update while the Meizu didn't even find it.
    I wondered if there was something wrong with my Meizu or if it's not supported any more.

    My apologies once again. Next time, I'll give it more time...

  • @jojumaxx you got OTA-13 on your PinePhone? The actual OTA-13 on the stable channel?

    I wasn't aware the updates for the PinePhone had been harmonized with the other devices. Last I checked we were in OTA-5 or 6 on the PinePhone. 🤔

  • @jojumaxx As far as I know, the updates on the Pinephone is still separate from other devices so OTA-13 isn't really relevant to the Pinephone or Pinetab. In fact, many of the fixes and features in OTA-13 have been on the stable channel of the Pinephone for quite some time already 🙂

  • @jojumaxx mine Pro 5 just got an update to OTA-13 today, Wait, you'll get there.

  • @arubislander @kugiigi

    Actually I did end up accidentally tagging an OTA-13 image for the PinePhone. So it was possible to update the PinePhone for a short time and end up with the text "OTA-13" in Settings -> About

    The tag doesn't have anything to do with the version number. It's a bit of text that could be set to anything. Much like devel images are tagged YYYY-MM-DD and rc images are tagged YYYY-W## with the week number.

    I just happened to make an OTA-13 tag on the PinePhone channel. If you're interested, it's image version 7. So "Version 7" would appear in Settings -> Updates and "OTA-13" would appear in Settings -> about after it was installed.

  • Thank you all for your patient answers. In the meantime I got the Meizu Pro 5 update.

    I'm sorry, I'm still pretty new to this. Since there was an update available for the Pinephone, I was thinking, that the updates go hand in hand for all devices.

    Now reading these statements, I realized, it is version 8 on my Pinephone (Updates -> Recent updates). Is there something wrong with that now? I'm not sure, after reading the post right before this one. In the "Info" Panel -> Software it says "Ubuntu 16.04 (2020-09-18)".
    "OTA-13" is nowhere mentioned. If that's incorrect, can I fix it? Or am I on devel now? How can I see that?

  • @jojumaxx

    You are fine. If you didn't change channels yourself you will still be on Stable on your PinePhone. The update tagged OTA-13 was number 7, you are now on number 8. This was probably pushed to remove the OTA-13 tag, as that was sure to cause confusion, as it has for you.

  • @arubislander Thank you very much for clarification

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