Nexus 4 latest update causes error and no complete boot

  • Just installed an update of the "edge" Version on my Nexus 4 and now I'm sitting in front of a white screen with the following content:

    "There was an error loading Unity8:
    file:///usr/share/unity8//OrientedShell.qml:21:1:module "Unity.Screens" is not installed.

    What to do now???

  • @Mystic-X
    Maybe use ubports software, without swipe, and try install dev image.

    Edge is uncharted territory and should not be used by mortals ^^

  • Sorry about that, @Mystic-X. Some new software went into edge today and appears to have broken the channel for all devices.

    The devel channel is unaffected by this change, and it's what we recommend for users who want daily updates with a lower likelihood of breakage.

    As @Keneda mentioned, I'd recommend using the UBports Installer to install the devel channel. Just make sure the "Wipe data" option isn't selected during the installation. You may need to manually select your device and follow its on-screen instructions.

  • Have installed the "devel" now.
    Seems to work.

    But still I'm a little shocked about that...
    I expect some errors from time to time and I have experienced them on that phone and other systems too but nothing like that before on anything else running whatever kind of linux...

  • @Mystic-X
    Edge channel is for highly experimental features so the risk is high.

    When merging devs and pushing updates a mistake can occurs anytime.
    Measures are taken to limit the risk,.

    In a recent Q&A Dalton talked about broken or bad updates and it is pretty impressive that Dev channel is not broken more frequently.

    There is nothing to be shocked, and if you want to avoid this kind of issues, it is safer in RC or stable than Dev or Edge.

  • There may be instabilities but the dev channel is still safe now: it must be two years since I didn't reflash because of a critical bug.

  • @Mystic-X said in Nexus 4 latest update causes error and no complete boot:

    But still I'm a little shocked about that...

    I'm not, edge is not to be used by end users for daily, even dev, like said Aplee, should not.
    End user who want to test in a daily device should stick to RC.

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