Can we install build-essential?

  • Just wanted to try out gcc hello world. I also want to know since I want to promote UT to students learning C/C++. Thanks a lot!

  • @nebulom
    Hi, the root filesystem is read only which means you cannot install debian packages the traditional way.

    But it is a Linux afterall so you can remount the FS with write privilege.
    You can also use a Libertine container which is probably the best choice for you.

    If you want to use show your students how to create an app for UT it will have multiple pros and cons:

    • Differenciate the host and target computer (cross compilation)
    • Show them the linking issues and requirements
    • How useful yocto, clickable and other tools are to overcome some of the problems
    • What is a bootloader, a rootfs, an OS, a DE and what it means for their code

    If you just want something simpler just SSH to the computer, code within vi and compile using GCC, UT comes with unecessary complications. But IMHO the previous items are worth tackling with when your learn new skills. Some might like it, some no but they'll learn what it is and what they are willing/able to do.

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