Call for testing: updated Systemd from Xenial

  • This is a call for testing the updated Systemd package, imported from Ubuntu 16.04.

    Wait, doesn't Ubuntu Touch still run Upstart? Well, systemd is far wider than an init system and includes an essential component (udev) for the system. Besides, some other packages are still installed in the rootfs.

    Some of the imported releases are security releases, however, not all of them are related to the components Ubuntu Touch uses. I personally think it's still better to import all of them, as it'll be easier to import those that are related to us in the future.

    I also improve our patch a bit by fixing memory leak and improve error handling.

    To test out, make sure you're on the devel channel. Then, run:

    sudo mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /var/cache/apt/archives
    sudo ubports-qa install systemd-packaging 1
    sudo reboot; exit

    For more information, see the PR:

  • @peat_psuwit I will give this a try on my note 4 port, I also have a hammerhead I can try this on as well

  • I've installed the update.
    Good news — it didn't break anything, i 've used before.
    How can i help and what should i test?

  • @Isaac Sorry, forget to check the forum. One specific thing to test is changing timezone in the system settings. Other than that, just try using the phone as normal.

    @tigerpro Do you have any update?

  • so one thing i don't get, last year, when talking about upstart to systemd, i've heard that it could not be possible for legacy devices due to kernel limitation, it is no more the case ?

  • @peat_psuwit so far I have tried it on my trltespr and flo, I havent had any issues so far with either device, I still have to try it on hammerhead

  • @lduboeuf We are not using systemd itself on 16.04, and the kernel version requirement is a bit of a misunderstanding. This update still doesn't mean we're using systemd for the init system. However, the systemd source provides many things which we do need, such as udev.

    Newer kernels are only required for some features of systemd, and newer versions of systemd may require newer kernels, hence the comments relating those two as a concern, along with the need to upgrade to 20.04.