www.duolingo.com not useable after login

  • Hello,

    I'm learning Russian (to be able to read and hear the voice of the adversary of Germany in form original and not only our propaganda) in a server www.duolingo.com which is free of use. This works fine with any FF in Ubuntu or FreeBSD, but not in our browser in UBports (latest OTA). After login the page shows my actual profile and nivel of learning, but than all turns grey and one can't click anything. Any idea what could I check?

    For tests, one can make an own account the normal way (enter login credentials and wait for the mail to acknowledge).



  • I'm experiencing the same issue.

    Have you tried the Duolingo web app available in the OpenStore? It's of no help to me personally because it doesn't support signing in via a Google account, but it might work better than vanilla Morph browser once you're signed in.

    As for your more general problem, Russia Today is available in English for all your Kremlin controlled state media needs. That being said, there are plenty of good reasons to do like Merkel and learn Russian. 🙂

  • @guru try the webapp in the store it works fine

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