New Ubuntu Bootlogos Now available

  • Cooooool!

    Is it safe to flash them? Any safety recommendation?


    • E5: ok
    • M10HD: ok (this one makes me specially happy)
    • Arale: Ok
    • Nexus 5: ok

  • Love this! Nice work.

    Any chance to get an Xperia logo? 😉


  • @rubencarneiro Which of the BQ ones is best for UPlus or should it not matter. Thanks for the work.

  • @rubencarneiro

    Thank you Ruben, for this wonderful logo you have made for the community, I love it 😍

  • I'd been thinking (since the logo on the back of the PinePhone) that the Bootlogo for UT might be simplified to just a monochome 3D Yumi head... i.e. UT is big enough now not to need "UT for N5", or whatever: it can stand on its own.

  • Thank you!
    This was the first time I was able to boot the M10 without almost going blind.

  • @rubencarneiro Glad to have now a superb outdated but still very effective BQ E5 HD! Thank you
    Do I have to flash again the logo if I change channels (am on OTA-13) or if I switch to a possible OTA-14 ?

    Edit : Very nice on my BQ M10 rc channel too !

  • Ruben , what is the file for the bq U plus ?

    Well, I saw it on your website,
    it looks great on my phone


  • Be careful or it won't work!
    For the OPO
    fastboot flash LOGO logo.bin

    The word LOGO is written in capital letters

  • A really nice set of bootlogos!

    I successfully put one on a Meizu MX4 and a Nexus5. No Problems encountered.

    I then tried Oneplus3. Instructions are confusing. Why boot to fastboot and then to recovery? And how do I use recovery to flash this zip file? Somehow I didn't figure out how to proceed to make it work. I even tried with twrp. Does someone have a more complete description of what to do? Can I use the normal ubuntu recovery at all to flash it?

    Help would be appreciated.

  • @rubencarneiro said in New Ubuntu Bootlogos Now available:

    You can find them at :

    Nice! Though, I wonder what the main message of the logos is? Is it the hardware vendor or the OS? Given UT is the same on all devices, the hardware vendor shouldn't matter that much.

    Which is the reason various Android hardware vendor's marketing demanding a custom UI. Otherwise, people wouldn't notice and eventually don't care. Should we care?

    I suggest putting the key information "ubuntu touch" in the center, making it bigger, perhaps splitting it onto two lines. The hardware information can be put at the bottom.

  • @ThePossessor I installed the .zip with twrp and it worked.

  • @padu - I personally really like the designs Ruben is offering here - but if you prefer something else, you can create your own customized bin files with an image editor as long as you use the correct pixel dimensions for your device.

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

  • @TotalSonic Yeah, but I'm actually not so much concerned about my personal alterations to the logo.

  • @padu - the thing is that Ubuntu Touch is based for the most part on voluntary contributions - if you don't like the design ideas that have been offered by others that are in fact appreciated by many others - instead of asking them to spend more of their own time altering them to suit your design ideas, instead it is more optimal and in line with the spirit of UT, to create those alternatives yourself and post them up here.

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

  • @TotalSonic I've already wondered what the bottom-line of your first reply was. I thought about arguing against that certain smell of "Shut up", but didn't. Now, do you think this is an inappropriate place to express and discuss ideas about @rubencarneiro' work? Please, make yourself clear. Hint: There may be people developing, maintaining, documenting, crafting open-source software that is in no way UT related.

    instead of asking them to spend more of their own time

    I don't like your inclination of misquoting my posts. If it's not my attitude, but actually the ideas you don't like, then changing topic (twice) is not too helpful.

  • The difference between constructive feedback/opinion sharing and criticism is lost in translation all the time when stuff is written. Maybe even more in open source forums than anywhere else. No need to derail the conversation, if one adds a thin layer of good faith there's not much a disagreement here at all. 🙂

    As for the boot logo, if I create an image in the correct resolution and follows the Nexus 5 steps, would it be likeky to work on my Nexus 6p? And if it didn't, would I be likely to break anything?

  • I am not going to comment on the various design merits of having or not the device or Ubuntu Touch centre stage that's down to in this case Ruben( and thank you very much for your work).
    This is instead a general reminder to keep all posts, replies and comments friendly and open. I have noticed a few (and only a few) occasions of late where things have gotten a bit techy before being resolved. Lets please all try and avoid getting to that stage and then having to sort it out.
    This is a great and friendly Community let's keep it that way. Friendly, polite, open minded, robust comments and discussions always welcome.

  • @potet - you might need different terminal commands in order to flash a new splash image to a different device - if you use incorrect commands it is possible to accidentally brick the device.

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

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