Cant sync google account

  • hi folks,
    just bought a oneplus one for reinstall ubtouch, and when i want to add my google account, it says it can t connect due to the fact that the browser used it not secure.
    how can i sync my google account?
    thx for your help

    best regards

  • It's a known issue currently.
    It should be fixed in next OTA-14.
    In the meantime, you can try this workaround: (worked perfectly well for me as well as dozen users)

    . Start to enable the access of "less secured apps" in your Google account. Than run as following:

    1. From your device, download this plugin:
    2. Open the terminal application (tap on ENTER key after each following command)
    3. Type: cd Downloads
    4. Type: sudo -s
    5. Type: sudo mount -o remount,rw /
    6. Type: sudo dpkg -i account-plugin-google_0.15.0ubports1local.1586944513_all.deb
    7. Type: cd
    8. Type: exit
    9. Reboot your device
    10. Open settings => accounts => select Google
    11. Enter your e-mail address
    12. Enter your password
    13. Without enlarging the screen with your fingers, select: "Allow all actions"

    Here you should be well connected to your Google account, which will automatically sync your calendar & contacts on your device

  • Thxx a lot,
    But i will wait for the ota
    Thank you for your time

  • hi folks,
    any update if that bug has been fixed in curent release?
    thxx a lot

  • @nocomp Unfortunately the fix has been postponed to OTA-15:

    However, the previously mentioned .deb file plugin works like a charm

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