axolotl registration issue

  • ota-13, nexus4 - installed axolotl 0.8.9 from within openstore.

    entered my mobile number, received the registration code, which unfortunately failed to register?

    now, a second registration attempt / new code is not possible, because my phone number is no longer accepted (confirmed to delete corrupted configuration).

    any chance to restart this process?

  • Hello and thank you for using Axolotl. Do you have logs of your attempt? Available in .cache/upstart/ textsecure

  • hi and thank you for replying.

    i am sorry, but there does not exist a log (anymore?), probably because i proceeded/accepted deleting the faulty configuration?

    on the other side, i am still not able to restart the registration process because of this error message. any file/folder i should delete manually so to start from scratch?

  • We need to have a live chat to solve your problem. Can you please join axolotl-dev on telegram?

  • pm sent.

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