Croudfunding phone Purism Librem 5 with UBports?

  • But this will be a pure GNU/Linux phone, so no libhybris or halium etc needed. The question is does UBports actually work with normal Linux devices with regular Linux drivers or does it only works with libhybris?

    Oh I guess you are right. UBports is caught in the Android hell and this phone is an open GNU Linux non Android device. πŸ˜‰

  • I am using UBports because several years back Google changed from "cool search engine start-up" to "creepy internet stalker". UBports frees me from Google, which is great. The Librem 5 project seems to be the next step, allowing the hardware to run with GNU+Linux. If they succeed, they will have the GNU+Linux software repos available, but they will still have a need for software that is designed to work well on 5" screens. UBports already has some of that. I support both projects with donations. I hope they both succeed and I hope that Purism and UBports can work together in a mutually beneficial way.

  • If ubports would run on this device, that would be awsome i think. πŸ™‚ They try to make everything as open and free as possible it seems.

    If don't want to wait for the real development board in Q2 next year, does anyone of you know which currently available I.MX6 development board is the best?

  • Looks like Plasma Mobile is now onboard with the project:

  • @ZeroPointEnergy That just got whole lot more interesting! I'm considering of backing that campaign.

  • @ZeroPointEnergy Probably we could rip off the libhybris part. But then again we need to support maybe more lowlevel stuff than now, nobody knows without more details from Purism. Libhybris is only a converter library for C++ calls, lets say.

  • Our official standpoint at the moment is that we will not invest money into the crowdfunding (as we do not have that money anyway :)) nor will suggest our users to do it. Everybody needs to decide on his own if he supports that. Of course, if the campaign is successful, we will try to get a test device or two and look what we can achieve.

    From the past we know that hardware campains tend to struggle delivering the original promises. At least more details about which chipsets they use. Apparently there are various versions of the baseband they want to use, and not all of them are totally free.

    So lets wrap it up, UBports will be happy to support the thingie when itΒ΄s there πŸ™‚


  • @Flohack Well, to be honestly, the Android inside my BQ E4.5 UTouch I never liked, not in Canonical y also not in UBports. I know about the problem with the hardware (GSM, GPS, ... chips), but a fully OpenSource phone would be very nice.

  • @Flohack I think the important point with the baseband is that they will separate it so it does not have memory access. Baseband is seriously flawed and no amount of free firmware will ever fix that. The way purism tries to approach that problem is the separation, hardware kill-switches and ip first communication via matrix so you don't actually need the baseband if you have wifi.

    They try to create a true general purpose computing device with a smartphone form factor like the laptops and pc we know. I think they are completely on the right track and that is why I already backed the campaign for a phone and the dev kit.

    I really like the clean interface Ubuntu Touch offers and I'm sure there will be a way to use it on this device. I sure will try if the funding succeeds and once I get the dev kit.

  • wow, the crowdfunding goal of 1,500,000 USD was reached and now it goes higher and higher..
    Right now it's already: $1,553,341 and still 13 days more for the campaign!

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