Ubuntu Touch Q&A 87 Saturday 24th October At 19:00 UTC

  • The 87th Ubuntu Touch Q&A is this Saturday 24th of October at 19:00 UTC. Please join us for Ubuntu Touch development, updates and answers to your questions! Forum questions get priority so post them here before the event or Youtube Livechat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boSyFN8EuAY and Telegram during the live show.

    Please remember that questions on porting to device **** or it's status, and questions on bugs will not be answered

  • Usually recent mobile phones don't run UT because it takes time to port the software onto them. So I am surprised that the port to the OnePlus 6T was so quick. What happened then?
    Has anyone tested convergence on this beast of 8GB of RAM? This could be an ideal device for use as a desktop computer.

  • Could we have Dalton's cat opinion on UT development?

  • Are there any plans to bring category based search to the search bar in the App Drawer? Seems this, along with the ability to initiate an internet search directly from the App Drawer search bar, would be a welcome feature improvement that might make sense to prioritize for OTA-15.

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

  • I asked this before but it would be better to know the details behind this. Is it possible to theme lomiri yet, like transparency, icon packs, fonts, moving app bar left to right or bottom?

    • UT is being ported to more and more devices, some of which are opensource and cheap, so one of the main problems we have in the first release/OTA (also under canonical) for the user, finding a compatible device, seem to be largely solved.
      Q1: what do you think are UT's Achilles heels that need further work?

    • Other linux Oses for smartphone will have their own software (eg. Purism librem5)with their own "package manager" and store.
      Q2: do you think is possible to avoid fragmentation?

    • The app number on our store is still very small (less than 1200 applications, half of them are "only" webapps and we don't know how many of them still work)
      Q3: what do you think is needed and what have you come up with to attract more app developers?
      Q4: is there interest and are there plans to extend the number of programming languages, toolkits supported in UT?

  • This is really a very minor quibble - but while we got really nice updates (with a unified design style) to the splash screens to most of the core apps in OTA-13, it seems Morph, Camera and File Manager apps still are using old splash images. Are there plans to have new ones for these 3 core apps in OTA-14?

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

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