BlueTooth working devices with UT

  • @dobey You got me interested πŸ˜ƒ What oscilloscope are you talking about? πŸ˜ƒ

  • @libremax Isn't better to host as well a link to an Excell on cloud that people could fill themselves, lines would be the BT devices, column would be the UT devices and the intersection would be comments on how it works?

  • @AppLee 20MHz? Not bad, not bad at all. Thanks!
    @dobey Are you working on a UT app for oscilloscope?

  • @C0n57an71n said in BlueTooth working devices with UT:

    Are you working on a UT app for oscilloscope?

    Not currentlly. The Aeroscope app is open source and written with Qt. I have been able to build and run it on a PC and on UT, but it's not a particularly great experience yet given the design. Sadly the hardware/firmware wasn't open sourced, and the company seems to no longer exist, but if you can get one (CrowdSupply may still have some in stock), it's definitely a neat little scope that can fit in a pocket.

  • @C0n57an71n Reading a table, and even worse, typing into a table with a smartphone, is really annoying.
    And the indirection to a site outside the forum also adds pain.
    Keep it simple, stupid, is a trend for me.

    1. Marley get together BT speaker
      validated on OPO (bacon) OTA14
    2. CitroΓ«n C4 Grand Picasso - Car Audio system (Audio, free speaking, autoconnect even in a call)
      validated on OPO (bacon) OTA14

  • Also can confirm Polaroid PBT562 speaker works fine with UT.

  • I confirm that Bluetooth works on my both cars (Ford Sync + Seat media system) using Nexus 5 OTA-14. But there's an awful high-pitched background noise making the speaker's words almost inaudible. (on both systems) On the other hand, my interlocutor can hear me correctly.
    All features are working well except the battery which is displayed as empty. I didn't try to hear my music via Bluetooth on those systems.

  • @stanwood said in BlueTooth working devices with UT:

    Given "there's an awful high-pitched background noise making the speaker's words almost inaudible" and on an other hand, you "didn't try to hear [your] music via Bluetooth on those systems", it's for me difficult to consider it as a working device.

  • @libremax I meant, Bluetooth communication (incoming, outgoing calls) technically works...
    So next step I'll try the BT music player on those devices.

  • With my Nexus 5 I'm able to play music on a JBL Clip 3 and also on my Beats Studio 3.
    I don't remember if I tried to use the microphone or be in call on both these devices, I'll come back if I do πŸ˜‰
    On OTA-14 btw

  • @libremax I'm glad to confirm that BT music player does perfectly work on both systems (Ford Sync + Seat media).
    Sound's just perfect.
    Notice: "Unknown artist + unknown track" are displayed on both screens. But this doesn't really matter to me.

    So, to resume: On both systems:


    . BT initial pairing
    . Auto pairing
    . Contacts synchronization
    . Coverage signal shown on the car screen
    . Name of the device well displayed
    . Outgoing / incoming calls
    . Vocal command
    . In car microphone + High speaker
    . Phone volume adjustment
    . Music via Bluetooth on the car radio
    . Auto swap in call mode

    Not working:

    . Battery status display
    . In music mode: Displays the track being played
    . Phone calls: Loud background noise covering much of the speaker's voice (recipient hears well)

    Hope I've been this time clearer on my description πŸ˜‰

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