OTA 3 suggestions: your wanted features

  • @hans1977se Well, on my BQ e4.5 using the keyboard involves 50% of typing errors. trying to tap on the wrong letter to correct it (right after the wrong letter, so i can delete it) is almost impossible. The smallest interval to move the marker is too big and involves 3-4 letters, so often is better to delete entire sentences than try to place the marker in the right place (also swipe markers is a pain). With android installed on the same phone this doesn't happen, no typing errors, so i never needed to try marker placement. (ah, i don't have so big fingers 🙂

  • Many good proposals, I just want to add -> full disk encryption.

  • @TheUlpio You should try tapping somewhere else first, and then try to tap where you want the cursor again. I usually get to the right position in maximum three tries that way. 🙂

  • @advocatux ...and support for ext4 fs on sdcard 🙂

  • Oh, I can think of one more suggestion:

    • a built in possibility to resize images (in the gallery for example)

    On my BQE5, the camera app only allows to take pictures with the full 19.5MP. Even in lowest picture quality that amounts to 7+MB per picture with the right motive.

    It is no fun to send images via telegram if they are 7+MB. This huge size is useless for this use case.
    And posting those pictures on twitter is nearly impossible because the twitter app crashes in 90% of tries to post such a huge picture.

    And I haven't found any app so far that can resize images. 😕

  • @TheUlpio

    you my hero 😉
    left right down up arrows in keyboard would be awesome. would make work with terminal lot easyer... :o)

  • @hans1977se Another nifty option could be the way terminal app manages the cursor: doesn't matter where the finger is (on the selected line of course), the cursor moves according with the sliding (sorry for my really bad English). In this case the code is open source

  • @TheUlpio Yes, that is an option worth considering too. My only concern would be that it might interfere with selecting text.

    No worries about the English, just post more clarification if you think i did not understand you the way you intended. 🙂

  • A good video player with support for all codecs.

  • View the multimedia contents directly in the scope.
    I'm in the scope of youtube, I select a video and it automatically opens the browser.
    That is frustrating.
    Example 2:
    Read a news in the scope news, open the browser.
    If every time I select something in the scopes they open in the browser, what do they serve me?

  • Maybe someone could make a table of all the good proposals or feature requests and we can all vote up/down the requests and have at the end a list what matters most.

  • @guru I think some way of knowing what features the community would like the most is a really good idea.

    The way i think it should work is that there is a community-driven list of grouped things that the community would like, and every member has a set of radio buttons from 0 to 5 for each thing to indicate how much wanted the feature is for that particular user. Then there should be a "hi-score list" with all the features and how much wanted the community in total think they are.

  • @Glatorius The new camera app has resolution selection built in 🙂

  • ...continuing my wishlist:

    1. A blacklist to filter incoming calls (but i don't know if this can be achieved with a separate app similar to the adblock one))

  • use naming convention Tethering (which is "terminus technicus") instead of hotspot in system settings etc

  • Blacklisting for incoming calls and messages also would be nice 🙂

  • Enable multiple sessions on lockscreen

  • Please upgrade the E4.5 to core device. It was the first ...

  • An easy way to get get web apps on the phone/tablet eg Firefox, libreoffice etc without the need for terminal and containers if possible. This is just for us none programmer types who find it all bit of a faff.☺

    • better memory management
    • a possibility to free up memoryTouch while running
    • use Snap on Ubuntu Touchrunning
    • extended battery use
    • a later Kernel and Ubuntu version

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