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  • Hi. @DanChapman Thanks for "Dekko 2". I like it. I am not quite sure, where to post bug reports. So, I use this forum. Feel free, to help me out here. - (1) Sometimes the keyboard is missing. I found ways to get things working, but it 's an issue. (2) It 's not possible to attach a file to an e-mail. [BQ Aquaris E5 with OTA-2]

  • @connochaetes For issue 1: I think it's a more global problem, the same happens when opening a new private browsing window for example. You can change focus for a moment and it comes back. Like dragging the bar from the top, doesn't even need to be fully down.

  • @RandomUser Thanks. That was my workaround solution, too. I hope, that this issue is going to be fixed.

  • The keyboard issue is blocking me to use Dekko2, as I cannot add a new account(when selecting to either add a Google or Outlook account, and placing cursor in any input field, the keyboard does not appear). The focus change workaround (by dragging the top bar down eg) doesn't do it in my case. I'm on a Nexus 5, OTA-2 (but I noticed the issue also in OTA-1). Any other workarounds are hence appreciated. Thanks!

  • OK, the workaround -at least for Nexus 5- exists and had already been described in Just open another app while input field is selected and once other app has opened in foreground, swipe back to Dekko2.

  • I have been using Dekko 2 on both my E5 and M10 for a few days now and I must admit that I do like it. Yes there are a few issues, which I really hope will be sorted out soon, but it is already going in the right direction, thanks Dan.

    For any new bugs that you fine along the way, please check the existing list first and if they are not already raised, log them here Dekko Issue log. If they have been raised before, you can check the comments, status or add comments yourself. You will need to create an account, but it is free so no worries.

    I have the issue with the keyboard not appearing too, as like mentioned I think it is more of a global issue. Hopefully in release 3 this will be addressed. To get the keyboard for me I lock the device (by the power button) and then unlock it. The keyboard comes back fine.

    At the moment I am unable to send emails from either my E5 or M10, so can only view emails. Also I am unable to set up a work email account but that is not urgent at the moment.

  • swap the notification screen down, then up and you get the keyboard, fastest way.

  • @bq4.5 Yup, this trick works everywhere as sometimes the keyboard just won't pop itself up.

  • It appears to be fixed now in devel channel, r36.

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