Fairphone 2 (Android 6.x, new Screen, new Camera)

  • Hi,

    there are some dusty topics open for the FP2 but I wanted a recent update.
    I tried to install UT on a FP2 with a new screen modul and although I am on Android 6.0.1, but I got the blue screen after the installation.

    So is there an ETA when UT will be available for us?


  • @twinkybot Are you on stable? A fix has been committed for the screen (not the camera yet) and is in devel & probably also rc already. You could switch to rc, since the stable will receive it only with OTA-3. Go here to see next OTA issues, and you can switch between open and closed tab: https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/milestone/6


  • Hi @Flohack,


    I tried the easy ways to install 🙂
    The installer on OS X did not start with the installation after selecting Devel (if it has anything to do with the channel anyways) and then I tried CPT. There I did not see any way to set the channel to develop or RC.

    I will try next days from a Ubuntu machine.

    But if you said it will be in OTA-3 then we got an ETA 🙂


  • From an Ubuntu PC it was not a problem to install from the RC channel and it is working. Yay!

  • Hello @twinkybot,
    How did you manage to do this install from RC channel after your previous install had gone in the blue screen recovery mode, and the subsequent boot loop ? Thanks!

  • To be honest for me it stayed in the blue screen only. And issue commands via adb / fastboot.

    I started FP2 in fastboot mode and installed TWRP again. After that it was easy to restored FP Open and try again from an Ubuntu machine to installe from the RC channel.

    After that I used an Ubuntu machine

  • Oh boy it was not a nice feeling, when after install on a new FP2, which ubports-installer claimed to be "done", the system ended up with blue screen and was stuck in a boot loop. Although, finding this thread and switching to rc channel helped. Few...

    Still https://ubports.com/page/ubuntu-fairphone-2 needs update for two reasons:

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