Nexus 4 status?

  • Hello everyone.
    From reading the forum and webpage, I am getting somewhat mixed messages about the usability of UBports on the Nexus 4.
    I am currently still running the "Official" Ubuntu system on it which works fine but clearly is unsupported. However since the N4 is my only phone (well there's an old OpenMoko in a drawer somewhere), I am rather hesitant to dive in and re-install without at least a few reports of success. Equally, since I am a very light user I don't feel inclined to pay large sums for a newer phone (and I find Android's barrage of unwanted marketing guff unbearable).

    The original Ubuntu install was done using the ubuntu-device-flash tools installed on Manjaro Linux, which would be my intended route again (the only Ubuntu machine I have is my work PC which is still on 14.04).

    The things that I need to be able to do, aren't that extensive: Install, make & receive calls, receive & send texts and run the stopwatch app. I wouldn't regard other limitations as showstoppers.

    Experiences please.

  • Hi James, and thanks for joining us here. Great news for you! I'm a Daily Driver N4 Mako user. Second good news: You are exactly the same kind of user I am. And that's hard to believe. Feel free to ping me in the telegram supergroup. My user is (at)wayneoutthere. I'll personally report to you real time how much I'm satisfied. It's not 'perfect but everything for the stuff you need works just awesome. Just to be ultra clear: I was a Canonical Ubuntu Touch, wiped that, and I'm running the new and awesome UBports Ubuntu Touch and life is good.

  • Hi @James-T I've just flashed an old N4 with UBports the only problem I saw was getting the initial USB connection up.
    So far everything I've tried just worked. That includes phone calls & streaming video.

    This phone isn't my "daily driver" (yet). It is an "old" development device and has the distinction of being the first phone to ever run the "egltriangle" demo on a nested Mir server.

  • Thanks for the report. Good to know that it ought to work -- I'll probably leave it till after a trip in a couple of weeks time, just to be on the safe side.

  • @James-T You can, or you can bring it with you on your trip and have the coolest and safest phone in the airplane 😉

  • Hi all, anyone using it as daily driver for mako?
    I'm deciding to flash it. What intimidates me is the lack of anbox and multiboot at the same time..

  • @bam better than resurrecting such an old thread, can you remove your question here, and post your question in Support? Thank you!

  • @advocatux sorry I really don't understand what's wrong with my question. The thread is still actual, and I think it's better to put my question here rather than creating a new thread.
    Maybe I'm wrong. If you insist feel free to remove my question. Thanks

  • @bam a lot of things have changed since October, 2017, that's why it's better to start a fresh thread 😉

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