UBports Community Update 18 | December 9, 2017

  • Oh, hi there!

    Our next Community Update is December 9, 2017 at 1900 UTC. These are 1-hour streams where we talk about community happenings and answer your questions.

    You can find the live time and set a reminder on the Youtube event page.

    Here are some things we won't answer, though:

    • The status of bugs
    • Any question (or permutation of a question) in our FAQ

    We'll see you when we're live!

  • Do you not think that a virtuous circle must be created quickly? :

    1. increase the number of donors and the sum of donations,
    2. with additional resources, recruit developers,
    3. with additional developers, speed up OTA release, adapt infrastructure,..., -> 1.

    And that the initialization step (0) is to "Organize and stimulate promotion of UBports Ubuntu Touch" ?

  • Do you want to create a new goal for patreon?

  • @Einstein212

    Two new Patreon goals would be better, 5000 and 10000$ not forgetting € with UBports Liberapay account

  • Hi all,
    i would like know info about the future of App development with UBports. I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Ubuntu sdk IDE to develop my Apps. To test them on a real device i use my Tablet M10 and the phone Emulator running from the IDE to test on the phone (i haven' any phone).
    What about the SDK- IDE for the future versions of Ubuntu (eg. 17.10)? It will be available for them ?
    I know that currently is not maintained, developed for some valid reasons (money, missing developers...) will be at least a packaged version for future Ubuntu version so that App developers can use it ?
    I kwnow about the "clickable" environment but with it i can run an emulator to test App on phone and what editor should be used ?
    Thanks !!

  • @libremax Just immediate reaction is: Yes we are trying to attract new devs, but most of them lack required skills 😉 - its not about the money actually. More on that later...

  • @Flohack Thanks for your answer
    That's what I had heard from Marius before and recently about the difficulty of getting developers to get involved given the lack of technical documentation and as a result of the heavy investment in time before they could start contributing code.
    I hope that a solution will be found. I am sorry for not being of any help in this regard.

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