ubuntu-device-flash, changing channel to rc-proposed fails on Nexus 5

  • Hey,

    I am trying to move from stable to rc-proposed to see what differences/fixes there on on that channel. I do...

    sudo ubuntu-device-flash --server=http://system-image.ubports.com touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed --device=hammerhead

    It gets and pushes the files ok, says it created ubuntu_command ok, then after "Rebooting into recovery to flash" nothing. It doesn't reboot itself into recovery, if I then force it to go into recovery then nothing happens and it boots the old ota-11 version which has lots of issues at the moment.

    Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

  • In the end I managed to get it inot the bootloader manually, vol up + down then power on. I flashed the factory android 6 back on and then did a fresh install of rc-proposed.

    there is still something wrong with it though as "adb reboot bootlader" does not work.

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