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  • Hello All.

    Coming a bit late to the party.

    I originally had a BQ mobile with Ubuntu touch a few years back, loved it but decided to moved on. I thought the whole project had been shut down and no longer supported until I stumbled across the UBports site!!!

    Have to say I am really so happy to see people have kept this OS alive, and so I am tempted to get back into it, but this time buy a BQ M10 tablet (If I can find one!)

    I do have two questions which I hope somebody can answer (Sorry I know I am being lazy I am sure these have been answered before).

    Firstly, If I get the Ubuntu version of the BQ M10 tablet do I need to re-flash it to a newer version of the OS? or will it just update?

    Secondly, can we now erase all the unwanted scopes on the device, this was my real bugbear with my old BQ phone, there was just loads of scopes that refused to be removed.


  • @hokksap Hello and welcome back. There are a lot of exciting things for to to catch up on.
    Firstly you can update your bq phone to ubports if you still have it. You'll need to dowload the ubports installer to suit your system ( links on the website) and follow the instructions.
    Bq where selling off some refurbished M10s not so long back so have a look on there site first. You will have to update Ubuntu touch to Ubports using the ubports installer on the M10 as well,as it will update from one to the other by oat. Also a lot of the scopes are no longer supported as Cannonical have stopped all updates etc for touch, so the ones you didn't like my well have gone already.
    Have a good look round this forum and also try the Telegram super group just sign up and one of the welcoming team will point you in the right direction. Fell free to ask any questions theres always been advice when I've needed it.
    Once again welcome back and have fun.

  • Thanks Lakota.

    Ill give the the UBPorts installer a go when i get one, and ill sign up to the Telegram group.

    Its been a while so looking forward to seeing the latest version.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Another lazy question.

    The Nexus 5 seems the a good choice for a phone here, but is the 5X compatible as well or just the 5?


  • @hokksap The 5 is fully supported 5x is under developement

  • Great, thanks for the reply.

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