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  • HelloWorld,
    my first distribution was Slackware on the middle of '90's. I'm a Java/Kotlin software programmer. this year I try to learn Rust, and when i saw it is possible to create native app with rust or Golang, I bought a nexus5 to install ubports \o/

    I am interested in exploitation of OSM data/ geolocation app, dev tools, and many more things.

    my first helloWorld app will be an assistant (a contextual touchBar ) of my laptop.


  • @mackristof and @broodingwatcher Welcome to UBports and enjoy. Have a look here https://ubports.com/meet-the-community

  • Greetings to @broodingwatcher & @mackristof. 🀝 πŸ™‚

  • @Opolork thank you! I ordered my UBports PinePhone the other afternoon, now the excruciating wait for it to ship is upon me. I’ve been using iOS for a while, but have always wished for an open source option. I use a NanoPC T4 for my personal computer and am looking for OS choices to use on its ARM64 Proc.
    It would be amazing if I could run ubtouch on each of my devices!

  • @mackristof Same for me, Slackware 2.0 precisely and its 18 disquettes. A lot of patience and knowledge was needed at this time to install GNU/linux.

  • Hi!

    I'm Heinrich aka hank, and have been around for some weeks now.

    I'm an "interested layman", without any computer science training whatsoever (well, except for a Highschool Class way back in 1982 ;-)).
    Using Ubuntu since about 2005 (warty!), I switched over to Ubuntu completely since Windows Vista was introduced.
    I have been active in the german ubuntuusers.de forum since 2005, and act as wiki moderator since 2009.
    Last year I got my hands on a used Fairphone2, (already had one running the open source fairphone version) and tried Ubuntu Touch. Since then I'm hooked to it, bought a new bq HD m10 just for UT, and did an almost complete overhaul of the https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Ubuntu_Touch section over at ubuntuusers.de over the last weeks - (might be interesting for people who speak, or at least read, German).

    Thanks for the help I was able to get from you so far! Hope I can give something back.

  • @hankschwie Hello guess as you've been her a while this may not be that useful but still https://ubports.com/meet-the-community

  • Greetings, @hankschwie. πŸ™‚ 🀝

  • @libremax so true. a long road from slack 2.0 to ubports on your phone πŸ˜‰

  • Hello everyone,

    I am Alter, and I would describe myself as a regular user. Although I do not have any programming skills, I do have an interest in open source technology (I have been using Linux for over 10 years on my PCs now as my sole OS), security and privacy.

    I do not like the duopoly of Android and iOS, and the fact that big tech companies all use data mining technologies to spy on their users to build profile databases. I also regret the fact that it is hard to break out of this, as the mobile world is very app centric and standard apps are only available for the Big Two. I want change!

    Especially because of the spying issue of the Big Two, I did not own a smartphone until recently, when I acquired a Nexus 5 on which I installed Ubuntu Touch. The available apps are sufficient for my daily use. There is still room for improvement, but considering that this comes from a (I guess) smaller community: I'm amazed!

    I can use contact list, calling, text, Axolotl (end-to-end encrypted messaging via signal protocol), Morph webbrowser, photo app, galery, file manager, pdf, rotation lock, flight mode (and even choose wifi on), and there is more that I haven't tried yet. The installer is great (really smooth for me) and on RC you get weekly updates.

    I am also very excited about the Linux Phone hardware developments that are currently going on: Librem Phone, Pinephone and Volla. I have ordered a Pinephone UBports Community Edition and am eagerly anticipating its arrival, and I hope that it will soon be daily driver ready! OTA updates already work, so that is a big step forward.

    Although I do not have any programming skills, and don't have much time now to get involved in other ways, I did make a donation to UBports and plan to do so regularly.
    Also, I will contribute to Ubuntu Touch by participating in this forum, if I feel my input can be of help.

    In any case, I wish this endeavor great succes!

    Kind regards,

  • @Alter said in Welcome to the UBports community! Introduce yourself here!:

    I am also very excited about the Linux Phone hardware developments that are currently going on: Librem Phone, Pinephone and Volla.

    Hello Alter, welcome.

    I don't think VollaPhone is gnu/linux hardware (like free from closed source drivers hardware), it's an androΓ―d device that is ubports and other gnu/linux distros friendly (unlocked bootloader and so).
    Anyway the more compatible device, the more spreading possibilities.

    One question, where do you come from?

  • @Alter Welcome and this might be useful https://ubports.com/meet-the-community

  • Hello

    I'm Stevie, thank you for the welcome.
    I have successfully installed Ubuntu touch to my BQ M10 FHD using the ubports installer and after trying it out for a few weeks i decided to put it on a Nexus 5. installation was easy, worked first time. at the moment I'm denied access to my mobile phone network carrier, Three in the UK. I'm inclined to believe it's a carrier issue rather than the phone or Ubunu Touch.

  • @Keneda & @Lakotaubp :
    Thanks for welcoming me to the forum and directing me to the new users page!

    @Keneda : You are right, the Volla Phone is indeed not a pure Linux Phone. I should have written "and privacy and Linux-friendly Volla Phone" instead.
    I was not allowed to edit my post anymore, so here is the full rectification:
    The Librem 5 Phone and Pinephone are both powered by Linux, the Volla Phone with Volla OS is based on the Android Open Source project.
    The mentioned phones are the ones that I think are the most interesting projects in "alternative mobile land" at this moment, each for its own reasons.
    Purism because it developed a privacy focused Librem 5 phone, with free software for most hardware too, and a goal to free the rest, although it's a bit pricey.
    Pine64 because it tries to open the market and speed up development of Linux Mobile OS by offering a cheaper Pinephone open to all distros.
    Volla because it offers an Android-based Volla phone which is open source, without privacy invading Google apps, and is friendly to Linux with option to pre-install UT.
    I got a bit carried away and called Volla Phone a "Linux Phone". It isn't.

    As to your question: I prefer to not disclose my geographic location in this public forum, but I can say this: I am a citizen of the European Union πŸ™‚

    Kind regards,

  • @Alter

    Welcome! 🀝

  • @steviethelights Welcome aboard! πŸ™‚

  • Hi, another new user πŸ™‚ amazing effort from this community getting UT to the point it at, big thanks!

    Taking the plunge and ditching Google on my carry around phone (a NOS nexus 5 ... so cheap I think I will get a backup spare!)

    Hopefully I can find a way to be useful, although my C++ skills are v rusty lol

  • @pixelated Welcome! 🀝 πŸ™‚

  • Hey All,

    My name is Mike C. I have been using Ubuntu since college back in the 6.06 days when everything was brown. I was also heavily into openmoko back in the day when that seemed like our best hope for an open phone πŸ˜• . I got into the LoCo groups a bit and after college I was hired by a software company doing tech support and bug reports and what not. I am a bit of a privacy nerd and I like Ubuntu Touch for it's potential to allow me to move away from apple and android ecosystems. Hopefully when I get the pinephone in my hand I can go to work reporting bugs and doing testing. I have some experience in Python programming but I am not much of a programmer to be honest. I think the biggest areas I could contribute in would be testing, and documentation. But those are two roles that every project needs filled so I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty.

  • Greetings @dcmike. 🀝

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