Newsie, a Nextcloud News client

  • @kugiigi I will find a way for ya lol

  • @geekvine That would be cool! My current workaround is to toggle Full Text in each feed and that refreshes the feed.
    If that's available in the API then that would make my experience so much better 🙂

  • @kugiigi i saw your bug report in the News Github, I'm gonna take a look at it this weekend.

  • @kugiigi i was just looking it over, and i haven't tested it, but maybe it's possible to set up Nextcloud Updater on your phone? I'll look into it app side regardless. Webcron is pretty terrible and not recommended so maybe switch to Ajax updates. Not even sure why Webcron is an option as a Nextcloud updater since it tends to time out pretty often.

  • @geekvine Thank you very much. So far webcron works better than AJAX, AJAX is only triggered when someone is visiting the site 😅

    About the updater, I didn't thought about! I forgot I'm using a linux phone 😃

  • @geekvine on a Nexus5 1080p screen the bitmap icons still look blurry in the latest version. It also looks a bit like they are jpeg compressed?

  • @poVoq if you're on telegram, shoot me a DM there @martinferretti. They look good on 1.6.5 so maybe i jumped the good on the changelog since i work on two versions at the same time.

  • @kugiigi said in Newsie, a Nextcloud News client:

    it's really shame that my NC is using webcron so I'm manually updating my feeds 😃

    Not sure if this still works, but it was possible to make a separate NC news only webcron in the past:
    (I need to set up NC news on my Nextcloud again sometime and test this, as I have the same problem due to the official NC Docker-image not having an build in cron).

    @geekvine Currenly not on Telegram (need to configure the XMPP to Telegram transport on my server) but I guess I will just wait for the new version. By the way did you have a look at how the Pesbuk app does the menu and icons: ? It seems to work/look quite a bit better than the way you are doing it in the Newsie app.

  • @poVoq I was looking at pesbuk earlier actually so Ill see what I can learn from it.

    and you can do cron in docker. look in my gitlab and find the itsybitsycloud repo. thats the project I built to run my pi at home and it uses cron in docker.

  • @geekvine said in Newsie, a Nextcloud News client:

    @poVoq I was looking at pesbuk earlier actually so Ill see what I can learn from it.

    and you can do cron in docker. look in my gitlab and find the itsybitsycloud repo. thats the project I built to run my pi at home and it uses cron in docker.


    Yeah of course, but for some stupid reason the maintainer of the official Nextcloud docker image seems to think that a cron should not be included in said image. And for maintenance reasons I rather stick to the official images...

  • @poVoq my project uses the official nextcloud image 🙂

  • Newsie seems to be a pure webapp at the moment while Pesbuk is a QML app with an embedded webview and that's the reason why the menu looks better in it. As mentioned in Telegram, there are pros and cons of embedding a webview instead of using a pure webapp container. I think at the moment, the browser does not have hardware acceleration so webapps might not look or work as well as QML apps.

    I suggest you stick with your expertise which assume is web technologies or maybe you want to explore QML 🙂

  • @kugiigi i have a few more features i want to add before making the switch but my plan is to switch things over to QML for 2.0 so i can take advantage of a few things like the notification API.

  • btw, version 1.6.5 will be out late Sunday night and it's another big update, this time introducing dark mode, auto switch between light/dark based on time of day, new icons, new font and better font rendering, styling updates, tons of bugfixes and more (I may sneak in a blue light shift for night time reading if time allows). Work on 1.6.6 will start this week and will focus on a new podcast player and bugfixes so, as always, keep track via the changelog.

    CHANGELOG (top section, labeled unreleased for now)
    Milestone 1.6.5 bug tracker

  • @geekvine Tha's fine. Do whatever will make you happy 🙂
    Do you plan to completely switch to QML or just a QML app with embedded webview?
    Because if it's the former, I think it's better to switch ASAP to avoid further doubling of effort.
    But in any case, good luck. Your app has been great and with great development speed 😃

  • @kugiigi undecided yet. After the next release is out, I'll spend some time weighing my options on which route to go. more than likely i'm gonna go with a QML app with embedded webview. really i just want to go QML to be able to use some of the system APIs like notifications.

    and thanks for the compliment 🙂 new version out later tonight.

  • Alright, it's new version always, check the CHANGELOG on my Gitlab for details.

    1.6.5 (2019-11-11) - Implemented dark mode. Users can also choose to automatically switch between normal and dark mode based on time of day . Also added a night light option to make it a little easier to read at night. UI improvements to the Settings page, including the ability to check if your Nextcloud server is online from within Settings. Improvements in font rendering and readability.

  • It's time for a small bugfix release, but this one does add some needed features as well.

    1.6.6 (2019-11-16) - Added option to add password protected feeds. Implemented new podcast player with styling support. General UI improvements and bug fixes (see CHANGELOG for details).

    Hoping to start adding translation support for the next version.

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